Hipster Kids Clothes

 I'm currently working on a new campaign concept for 2015 so I thought that would share with you more about the pieces I made for Stylo Magazine for the next couple weeks. I have to tell you I'm really excited for what next year has in store, I've already got my list of resolutions started!
My biggest thing with making clothes for kids, is I want to see them wear it all the time. Adrian is currently obsessed with jeans. I don't know if it's the button he likes or the fact that if we're wearing jeans it usually means we're going somewhere but he loves jeans. And it feels good when he chooses the jeans I made for him to wear!
What I love about these pants is they are made from a stretch denim and they have the ribbed knit on the side to give him mobility. He has another pair of skinny jeans that he wears but they're stiff so he has a hard time climbing stairs or really running around. I also love the little butt pockets and the fully functional button and zip!
I love giving Adrian an earthy, relaxed boy look. We're a very bookish sort of family so I couldn't help putting a reference to one of J.R.R. Tolkien's most famous quote "Not all who wander are lost."  
Let me just say that this girl has got her modeling poses down! This shirt and legging combo has to be one of my favorite outfits I've made by far! I love the texture and color mix that the blue polka dot and rust orange offers. I actually ordered a completely different fabric for the top but it ended up being back ordered and wasn't going to arrive in time so I pulled that polka dot from my stash.
The denim like jersey for the leggings is also from my stash, that should give you an idea at how big my stash actually is, Sometimes I feel I could start my own fabric store.
This jacket was the first piece I made for the magazine. I did french seams and trimmed it in leather (vegan) I love the combination of wool and leather. I have to say that the bias tape I made from the stretch vinyl was a pain. I kept stretching it too much and then it would make the edge roll, and you can not unpick machine stitches from leather, it will just come apart so I feel I could have done a better job with this. My favorite part is the leather detail on the hood of the jacket, I love how perfect that is.
I love buffalo flannel! Brett's go to outfit is a button up shirt and a pair of jeans. Like father like son. that's the other thing Adrian is really into wearing are button ups. I chose to take a short cut, partly because I'm kind of a half-ass and I didn't have enough fabric for the cuffs so I rolled the sleeve and stay stitched them.
Lets just talk about the backdrop for these pictures for a moment. We are lucky enough to live where we have not 1 not 2 but 3 state parks within a few miles of us. This happens to be a fish hatchery and is one of my favorites. It's where we get our family pictures taken and it has great trails and an aquarium to walk through. We love coming here and throwing bread to the fish and watching them gulp it down, you may have to play chicken with some geese though, they like to block the path to your car. 

Pajamas and TeePees

When the ladies behind Stylo magazine asked me to be a contributor I knew I was going to make a set of PJ's for these two, I mean what says cold weather more than thermals? Sadly we had to photograph in August, it was not a cool day but the kids were troopers even with the bugs biting. Oh the things you do for photos!

Adelle loves the ruffles and pink and she's worn the pants to school for leggings. I love the texture that the fabric gives. I got the idea of "Part Wolf" from a shirt Johnny Depp was wearing and created the print and made an iron on transfer. My favorite part are the cream colored cuffs on the pants.

I also made the teepee in the back using PVC pipe, and drop clothes. Lowes will cut the pvc for you and I recommend getting rubber stoppers that you put on the legs of chairs to make it so the frame doesn't fall. It's set up in our play room now, Adelle loves watching PBS on her phone in it and Adrian's taken naps in it before.
What I'm most proud of is capturing these two together. They are such goofs and both have such big personalities. Believe me it was chaotic but I couldn't be happier with the result!

Stylo Magazine Issue 3

I hope you've heard of the amazingness that is Stylo Magazine! It's not just a kids fashion magazine, it's a SEWING magazine. Almost every piece featured has a pattern you can buy, and make your own.
I had so much fun being apart of the third issue, and being featured along side some amazing sewing bloggers. I'll be sharing more about the pieces I made through out the week but check it out now and take advantage of the coupon code: STYLO10 and get your hands on some amazing fabric at Michael Levine.

Super Easy Oversized Blue Sweater

So this blue sweater may not of been on my sewing list that I shared Tuesday but honestly when is an over-sized sweater not on someone's to make (or buy) list? This was a great project to get me back in the swing of things and it's one of those basic patterns that you can always revert back to. I have been dying to wear this amazing tassel necklace and I finally have a sweater with the right proportions. I feel so 1920's.
You also may notice that my hair is a different color, no this is not some photoshop magic, I actually did color my hair gray. If you think I'm weird for doing so please stop following my blog, I obviously like being different hence the reason I make my own clothes!
So you wanna know what pattern I used? It'll be no surprise that it's from Burda, but this pattern is currently on sale, so hurry up and download it and make your own. One of my favorite details of this pattern is the hem. hem flaps? I don't know what to call them but I love that there is a seperation here, it keeps the sweater loose rather than bunching up around your hips, I also love that it's a V neck, maybe a little too deep of a V (triple V neck) for some but you can balance the proportions out by wearing pants or a long skirt and not feel over exposed.
It honestly took me longer to print out the pattern and piece it together than it did to sew up this sweater, gotta love my serger! but even if you don't use a serger it's a super easy sew.  I didn't follow the instructions really, It said to sew one shoulder seam and then attach the bias time, I don't really understand the reasoning behind that so I just sewed both shoulder seams and used regular bias tape for the neckline. I also did not "inset" my sleeves I attached them to the bodice before sewing up the side seams, this makes it a lot easier and faster.
I used a thick knit I got from Hancock Fabrics, I think it was one of their value fabrics. But I'm interested to try it with a light t-shirt knit (i.e. the clearance jersey sheet set I picked up at Target.)
I really hope you do try this shirt out, If you've never sewn knits this would be a great way to start. And believe me after you sew your first knit you will open up a whole new world of sewing! Have an awesome weekend!

Fall Sewing Line Up

I have to admit that I wasn't planning on taking such a long break from the blogging world it just sort of happened that way. I did write a tutorial on how to do a full bodice lining without having to hand stitch here if you're interested and I have been sewing up a storm of kids clothes, I'll share more about that another day but I haven't really sewn anything for myself in the past couple months, which makes this fashion sewing blogger very sad.
Fall is my favorite season, hands down, I think that the fashion in fall is better too. A few items that have inspired me and the patterns I intend to use to get the look are below.
I have been lerving this midi length look. One thing I do if I'm going to make a silhouette I've never made or worn before is I'll go to the store and try it on to make sure that it looks good on my short little body. Obviously a dress on a 5'9" model is not going to look the same on 5'1" me. unfortunately the trend of the midi has yet to really hit in Nebraska and I've had zero luck finding an item to even try on so I may just have to give it a whirl and hope for the best. I'll have to alter the skirt part of the pattern, I just love that tulip wrap look!

Doesn't this wine colored pencil skirt just look comfy. not something I would usually say about a pencil skirt, maybe it's the combo of the tee and cardigan but I can't wait to make this skirt. Thankfully it's an easy enough pattern, I would suggest doing this tutorial for an easy jersey pencil skirt.
Have you noticed I have a thing for this burgundy color, I love the idea of a plum motorcycle jacket. The pattern I chose uses buttons but you can easily toughen it up by adding an asymmetrical zipper.
I LOVE this skirt, I mean it's a moss green leather pleated skirt! I may have already ordered my fabric for this pattern...you'd be amazed at how hard it is to find that color of green in a vinyl leather. I think out of all these patterns, this will be one that people are either going to love this piece or think I'm a freak, I'm fine with both!
Now that I am a stay at home mom again, I need a good pair of PJ pants to wear when running Adelle to school. I love how people are starting to dress up PJ pants. I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable enough to pair heels with them but I love the color.
This has been on my sewing/ wishlist since this past spring. It's a Burberry coat. I will definitely be doing a muslin before I cut into my rainwear fabric for this but I can't wait to work on it.
And last but not least this exposed zipper coat. the reason I chose this pattern is because it has a built in pleat in the back, so it'll be easy to just add the zipper. I'll most likely shorten it and change the hem, but its that zipper detail that makes me swoon! Another item I'll be making a muslin for but I'm really looking forward to making pieces that will last me through a few Autumns rather than rushing through a piece and being tired of it before the end of the season. I think that is one thing I'm learning as I get older is to invest in the pieces I make or wear.
So what do you have planned for this Fall? The thing I'm excited most about is the ground freezing so we don't have to do any yard work! It's the little things in life.

The Wishbone Dress

Adelle started kindergarten this past week and is loving it. I personally am happy to be back into a routine. She wore this dress for the first day perhaps as a good luck charm for a smooth year. Wishbones are lucky right? I could not resist this fabric when I saw it, I mean not only is it black and white it has freak'n sketched wishbones on it! I bought what was on the bolt, which was really only like 4 yards. I have enough left over for a shirt for myself.
Adelle's favorite part of the dress is of course the bright pink zipper. I knew it would be! I used a Burdastyle pattern I had on hand and altered it to have princess seams, not too hard on a little girls dress. The dress is fully lined, hear that? No exposed seams! I plan on sharing a tutorial, but I thought you might enjoy a peek at what Adelle wore for her first day. Anyone else have a first timer? how'd they do?
I could barely keep up with her running into the building. I got a little teary eyed when I saw other moms having a hard time but I managed to keep it calm and snag a doughnut from the "woohoo or boohoo" breakfast the school had for the newbies. 
When I picked Adelle up from school the teacher handed me Adelle's ipod (my old phone) & headphones, apparently she sneaked them in and wanted to use them during quiet time, that was a no go. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one. All in all I think she's enjoying it.

First Try Zip Fly

This has been one of the skills on my list to learn that I've been dreading, and because of that it took me over a month to finish these shorts. In the end I had no reason to dread the zip fly, but I have to give major props to James McFarland, who walked me through some of the steps and boosted my confidence. My favorite quote from him is his "ten finger pins." He is a very valuable resource!

This fabric was in my stash. I used it for my runway outfits shown here & here and please be impressed with how much my photography has improved! In the end all these shorts cost me was the price of the zipper, and a button I was saving for a coat that will probably never get made. And I love these shorts. I've been wanting to add print to my closet but I want items that made sense that can be versatile and not look overworked. These shorts meld easily with the rest of my wardrobe and look much better than the athletic shorts I've been wearing day to day.

The pattern I used was Burdastyles Lace Shorts 102 I liked that they had a pleat and no cuff at the hem. I obviously only did one layer rather than with lace & a lining but all the steps are basically the same. I did not follow their directions for the zipper or the waistband, in fact their waistband made absolutely no sense which is often the issue with some Burdastyle patterns. I even ended up having to make my own zip fly flap pattern piece that wasn't included. but can we just take a moment and check out how great my butt looks in these shorts! that is a good fit there! kudos to the burdastyle team!
I figure there is always more than just one way to a sewing technique and that's where youtube came in handy! If you start looking around for tutorials I would recommend watching a tailor vs. a blogger, I have nothing against bloggers (obviously) but a tailor is gonna show you the industrial way of doing things which is going to be faster and stronger, and if there is one thing wrong with handmade it is how well it will hold up overtime.
I love these shorts, I love the length and the relaxed fit in the thighs, I think the next pair will have welted pockets in the back but all in all I couldn't be happier with the way these fit!