Kids Clothes and Personality

Before the new year is here I wanted to finish sharing what I made for Stylo Magazine. Can you believe this year is almost over? These were some of my favorite pieces to make for these two. They truly express their styles. Adelle is a total hippie princess!
 And Adrian is an easy going kind of boy. He gets that from Brett. The fabric I used for Adrian's sweatshirt didn't have enough stretch for the pattern so it ended up a size small. We gave it to a friend so hopefully their little boy is enjoying it. But Adelle's tunic should last her a while! I love how over-sized it is.
I definitely want to revisit this pattern and make a second hoodie, can a boy have too many hoodies?
 You can also see my handmade jeans again. I'm still very proud of that button zip fly, and I'm looking forward to making my own pair of jeans!
This kid is serious about his cars. The background is one of my favorites. It's out at my husband's grandparents acreage. Just sitting there with plants growing out of the engine. I love the random and hopefully I can brainwash these kids enough to appreciate the random stuff too.

Big Ole Polka Dot Dress

You guys, I did it. I went through my closet and simplified! There was a small mix of emotions going through my closet. I've lost weight so a lot of the clothes were too big, so that was exciting but there was a pair of trousers that I'm still kind of sad about but hopefully they'll find their way into one of my friends' closets.
I even made an inventory list of what I have. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was stupid, but seriously I have changed my tune.
It's nothing too exciting, no fancy colors but it does the job and helps me gauge what I need and what I don't.
So check out this amazing sweater dress! I went to the fabric store in search of flannel for a future archer and stumbled upon a pattern sale. I haven't bought paper patterns in a while, mostly relying on Burdastyle magazine to suit my fancy but I thought that this was such a great basic and for only $2.50 I could not resist. I also got a trouser pattern and dress pattern and I'm so glad I did since my closet is now full of empty hangers.
I made this dress mostly with the intention of wearing it to Brett's Christmas party for work, but it's a silhouette that I can wear on a regular basis as well. It's made of a ponte knit which has enough stretch to fit curves but is sturdy enough that it has a slimming effect, don't want my mama gut showing! I also love how big the pattern is, I was a little apprehensive about looking like I was covered in polka dots from head to toe, but the proportions are perfect for this print and shows just enough leg to keep it balanced.
I traced the pattern from the sheet so I didn't have to cut into it, another thing I'm trying to do is keep my pattern drawer cleaned out and organized. I cut a size 4 but I think next time I'll go down a size. I had to take it in on the sides because I didn't take into consideration the negative ease and the shoulders are a little too long. I shortened the sleeve pattern by 1/2 an inch but I ended up having to shorten the sleeve even more, like way more, 4" more on the finished product. I however did not have to shorten the bodice of the dress or the skirt, those were perfect length which I find surprising, I must just have freakishly short arms!
I love the proportion to this dress! I mean, my booty looks good! I will definitely be making another dress from this pattern, it was so simple and fast. maybe a short sleeve one for spring, hmmm... I'm getting a little ahead of myself.
So there it is, the first and newest addition to my bare closet. My flannel archer is on the table mostly done. I ordered a bunch of buttons on Ebay and they won't come for at least another week. Ugh, I hate waiting.  I cheated and made a trip to the fabric store and finished my flannel Saturday. I told you I hate waiting!

To Simplify or Not

We live in the age of simplifying. think about it. we have tablets that can hold hundreds of books on them, pinterest the word simplify and you'll no doubt get a thousand tutorials on how to simplify your Christmas, grocery bill, cleaning routine, and of course your closet. The one I'm really struggling with is my closet.
I have pieces that I've made, wore once and then never again. kind of defeats the whole point of making my own clothes and it makes me feel so wasteful. I like the idea of being trendy but when I look at my daily wardrobe I lean more towards the simple and classic. I tried the whole "well challenge yourself to wear different clothes and create new outfits, wear dresses more; but when it comes down to it I'm home 85% of my time. I don't have a strong need for cocktail dresses, flowy skirts that fly up in the wind or even blazers, probably the 3 things I'm drawn to make most!
So here is the conundrum do I take inventory and get rid of what I've made and never worn? And where do I go from here? Does your closet fall on the side of simplicity or do you stock it full with different styles?

Tea for 10 and 10 for Tea

 Adelle got to have her first friend birthday party this year. Being the girlie girl she is we opted for a fancy tea party. The girls colored teapots and had fun finding their names on their tea cups.
 For activities the girls made little fans and raced in teams while balancing tea cups on their heads. It was pretty cute to watch how intense they got about it.
My mother-in-law helped me make the fancy headbands for the girls the night before, those were a huge hit. and everyone loved the little jelly tea sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and the pretzels with sprinkles. pretty much we sent these kids home on a sugar high!
 The most exciting part of course was Cinderella's arrival which was a complete surprise to Adelle and the other girls. I was so worried that some cynical child would say she wasn't the real Cinderella, but all believed as soon as Cinderella showed them her wedding ring!
 The girls had many questions such as "what's your princes name?" "Where do the mice live?" and "Are you still friends with your stepsisters?" and let me tell you, Cinderella had an answer to everything! My beautiful friend Aubrey did amazing! It was so sweet to see how the girls lit up when she told them stories and how many rushed in to exclaim "I got to hold Cinderella's hand!"
 After cake and tea (apple cider) the girls played Cinderella says and hide and seek. They even got to help her find her lost shoe. My favorite conversation was hearing a little girl tell Cinderella about amazon and she responded, "What is this Amazon? is it a magical place?" Yes it is Cinderella, yes it is!
Adelle loved having all her friends over and did a great job of playing hostess. I can't believe she's 6 years old! She has such a sweet heart and a curious mind and with every fiber of me I pray that she stays that way.

Hipster Kids Clothes

 I'm currently working on a new campaign concept for 2015 so I thought that would share with you more about the pieces I made for Stylo Magazine for the next couple weeks. I have to tell you I'm really excited for what next year has in store, I've already got my list of resolutions started!
My biggest thing with making clothes for kids, is I want to see them wear it all the time. Adrian is currently obsessed with jeans. I don't know if it's the button he likes or the fact that if we're wearing jeans it usually means we're going somewhere but he loves jeans. And it feels good when he chooses the jeans I made for him to wear!
What I love about these pants is they are made from a stretch denim and they have the ribbed knit on the side to give him mobility. He has another pair of skinny jeans that he wears but they're stiff so he has a hard time climbing stairs or really running around. I also love the little butt pockets and the fully functional button and zip!
I love giving Adrian an earthy, relaxed boy look. We're a very bookish sort of family so I couldn't help putting a reference to one of J.R.R. Tolkien's most famous quote "Not all who wander are lost."  
Let me just say that this girl has got her modeling poses down! This shirt and legging combo has to be one of my favorite outfits I've made by far! I love the texture and color mix that the blue polka dot and rust orange offers. I actually ordered a completely different fabric for the top but it ended up being back ordered and wasn't going to arrive in time so I pulled that polka dot from my stash.
The denim like jersey for the leggings is also from my stash, that should give you an idea at how big my stash actually is, Sometimes I feel I could start my own fabric store.
This jacket was the first piece I made for the magazine. I did french seams and trimmed it in leather (vegan) I love the combination of wool and leather. I have to say that the bias tape I made from the stretch vinyl was a pain. I kept stretching it too much and then it would make the edge roll, and you can not unpick machine stitches from leather, it will just come apart so I feel I could have done a better job with this. My favorite part is the leather detail on the hood of the jacket, I love how perfect that is.
I love buffalo flannel! Brett's go to outfit is a button up shirt and a pair of jeans. Like father like son. that's the other thing Adrian is really into wearing are button ups. I chose to take a short cut, partly because I'm kind of a half-ass and I didn't have enough fabric for the cuffs so I rolled the sleeve and stay stitched them.
Lets just talk about the backdrop for these pictures for a moment. We are lucky enough to live where we have not 1 not 2 but 3 state parks within a few miles of us. This happens to be a fish hatchery and is one of my favorites. It's where we get our family pictures taken and it has great trails and an aquarium to walk through. We love coming here and throwing bread to the fish and watching them gulp it down, you may have to play chicken with some geese though, they like to block the path to your car.