Fall Sewing Line Up

I have to admit that I wasn't planning on taking such a long break from the blogging world it just sort of happened that way. I did write a tutorial on how to do a full bodice lining without having to hand stitch here if you're interested and I have been sewing up a storm of kids clothes, I'll share more about that another day but I haven't really sewn anything for myself in the past couple months, which makes this fashion sewing blogger very sad.
Fall is my favorite season, hands down, I think that the fashion in fall is better too. A few items that have inspired me and the patterns I intend to use to get the look are below.
I have been lerving this midi length look. One thing I do if I'm going to make a silhouette I've never made or worn before is I'll go to the store and try it on to make sure that it looks good on my short little body. Obviously a dress on a 5'9" model is not going to look the same on 5'1" me. unfortunately the trend of the midi has yet to really hit in Nebraska and I've had zero luck finding an item to even try on so I may just have to give it a whirl and hope for the best. I'll have to alter the skirt part of the pattern, I just love that tulip wrap look!

Doesn't this wine colored pencil skirt just look comfy. not something I would usually say about a pencil skirt, maybe it's the combo of the tee and cardigan but I can't wait to make this skirt. Thankfully it's an easy enough pattern, I would suggest doing this tutorial for an easy jersey pencil skirt.
Have you noticed I have a thing for this burgundy color, I love the idea of a plum motorcycle jacket. The pattern I chose uses buttons but you can easily toughen it up by adding an asymmetrical zipper.
I LOVE this skirt, I mean it's a moss green leather pleated skirt! I may have already ordered my fabric for this pattern...you'd be amazed at how hard it is to find that color of green in a vinyl leather. I think out of all these patterns, this will be one that people are either going to love this piece or think I'm a freak, I'm fine with both!
Now that I am a stay at home mom again, I need a good pair of PJ pants to wear when running Adelle to school. I love how people are starting to dress up PJ pants. I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable enough to pair heels with them but I love the color.
This has been on my sewing/ wishlist since this past spring. It's a Burberry coat. I will definitely be doing a muslin before I cut into my rainwear fabric for this but I can't wait to work on it.
And last but not least this exposed zipper coat. the reason I chose this pattern is because it has a built in pleat in the back, so it'll be easy to just add the zipper. I'll most likely shorten it and change the hem, but its that zipper detail that makes me swoon! Another item I'll be making a muslin for but I'm really looking forward to making pieces that will last me through a few Autumns rather than rushing through a piece and being tired of it before the end of the season. I think that is one thing I'm learning as I get older is to invest in the pieces I make or wear.
So what do you have planned for this Fall? The thing I'm excited most about is the ground freezing so we don't have to do any yard work! It's the little things in life.

The Wishbone Dress

Adelle started kindergarten this past week and is loving it. I personally am happy to be back into a routine. She wore this dress for the first day perhaps as a good luck charm for a smooth year. Wishbones are lucky right? I could not resist this fabric when I saw it, I mean not only is it black and white it has freak'n sketched wishbones on it! I bought what was on the bolt, which was really only like 4 yards. I have enough left over for a shirt for myself.
Adelle's favorite part of the dress is of course the bright pink zipper. I knew it would be! I used a Burdastyle pattern I had on hand and altered it to have princess seams, not too hard on a little girls dress. The dress is fully lined, hear that? No exposed seams! I plan on sharing a tutorial, but I thought you might enjoy a peek at what Adelle wore for her first day. Anyone else have a first timer? how'd they do?
I could barely keep up with her running into the building. I got a little teary eyed when I saw other moms having a hard time but I managed to keep it calm and snag a doughnut from the "woohoo or boohoo" breakfast the school had for the newbies. 
When I picked Adelle up from school the teacher handed me Adelle's ipod (my old phone) & headphones, apparently she sneaked them in and wanted to use them during quiet time, that was a no go. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one. All in all I think she's enjoying it.

First Try Zip Fly

This has been one of the skills on my list to learn that I've been dreading, and because of that it took me over a month to finish these shorts. In the end I had no reason to dread the zip fly, but I have to give major props to James McFarland, who walked me through some of the steps and boosted my confidence. My favorite quote from him is his "ten finger pins." He is a very valuable resource!

This fabric was in my stash. I used it for my runway outfits shown here & here and please be impressed with how much my photography has improved! In the end all these shorts cost me was the price of the zipper, and a button I was saving for a coat that will probably never get made. And I love these shorts. I've been wanting to add print to my closet but I want items that made sense that can be versatile and not look overworked. These shorts meld easily with the rest of my wardrobe and look much better than the athletic shorts I've been wearing day to day.

The pattern I used was Burdastyles Lace Shorts 102 I liked that they had a pleat and no cuff at the hem. I obviously only did one layer rather than with lace & a lining but all the steps are basically the same. I did not follow their directions for the zipper or the waistband, in fact their waistband made absolutely no sense which is often the issue with some Burdastyle patterns. I even ended up having to make my own zip fly flap pattern piece that wasn't included. but can we just take a moment and check out how great my butt looks in these shorts! that is a good fit there! kudos to the burdastyle team!
I figure there is always more than just one way to a sewing technique and that's where youtube came in handy! If you start looking around for tutorials I would recommend watching a tailor vs. a blogger, I have nothing against bloggers (obviously) but a tailor is gonna show you the industrial way of doing things which is going to be faster and stronger, and if there is one thing wrong with handmade it is how well it will hold up overtime.
I love these shorts, I love the length and the relaxed fit in the thighs, I think the next pair will have welted pockets in the back but all in all I couldn't be happier with the way these fit!

Frozen Elsa Dress

This is the last week of school! Adelle's class is having their last Monster Manners Party and get to watch Frozen today. She told me about it on Friday but I put off thinking about it until um...Sunday morning! I went to Walmart, yes Walmart, for costume fabric and $10 later I had everything I needed.
Wanna know how long it took me??? 2 hours! I drafted the cape pattern after the Elsa Barbie, and then used a pattern I had on hand for the dress and just lengthened it. All hems are rolled which is what really contributed to the fast time. no ironing or folding required! I think the hardest thing about this was puff painting the snowflakes onto the cape, man did it bring back high school memories!
Adelle caught me drawing the cape so she knew about that but she had no clue about the dress underneath it!
She was rehearsing conversations in her room Kid: "cool Elsa dress!" Adelle: "Thanks! My mom made it!" Kid: "Really!?" Adelle:"yea! while I was sleeping!"
It's worth all the work to know how much she appreciates it!

Basic Embroidered Tee Tutorial

I cleaned my closet out the other day, well two weeks ago on a beautiful 80 degree day. Put the winter clothes away and got the tank tops, shorts and sandals out. I was so proud of myself and then it snowed the next day, Oh, Nebraska weather!  One of the items on my Project 31 list was embroidery. I figured that Adelle would be on the receiving side of that project or a tea towel or something but I've been admiring the embroidered detail of this shirt and this one too much to pass up a new item for myself. What can I say, I'm selfish!
What you'll need:
Jersey or lightweight cotton
A sewing machine with embroidery stitches
Stabilizer (I used Sulky Easy Tear but there is also a water soluble one if you prefer)
fabric marker, or chalk
Mark your design out. You want to have a general idea of where you are going to embroider, and mirror it on the other side. I chose to do 3 embroidered lines on each shoulder seam & then an L shape on the front. Originally I was going to have the triangles following the L shape but decided that the bib look was what I wanted.
Once you're done drawing lines, pin or iron on stabilizer, depending on the kind you have. at first I was conservative with it but if your stitch misses the stabilizer you'll end up with a seam ripper in your hand and a frustrated scowl on your face! I know! So be liberal!
Make sure to leave room for your seams and hems. After you are done with your embroidery design, stitch up your shirt as Autumn's tutorial states. I forwent the neck binding and did a simple fold and double needle stitch but the options are virtually endless. I lerve this shirt and I lerve that my sewing machine performed beautifully! I'm definitely holding onto this one and making a woven shirt in the future!

The Petit Artiste Store is Open!

I'm excited to finally get to share what I've been working on for the past few months. I've really been wanting to get back into creating and selling handmade goods and kids fashion is what I love. I had a hard time really finding items that I loved for my kids, I love simple, fun patterns adult like silhouettes. I mean kids are cute already, do they really need sequins ruffles? I'm sure that people will disagree with that until you wash that sparkly dress in with your underwear and end up with a glittery butt. 
Petit Artiste is all about style and function. What's the point of a beautiful dress if a child can't run in it and get it dirty? All of my items are machine washable! ALL! They all have subtle details to them and are made to endure. I think handmade has become synonyms with "cheaply made" at least to the main stream but anyone who has ever picked up a sewing needle or even looked at a pattern know that time and thought goes into each item. Details are stitched with care.
I want my pieces to be known for their quality, you're not gonna find these items at Target! Though I do love Target! So build your child's wardrobe with pieces that you like too. Let them pick out their outfits and cringe less when it actually matches!

Easter Party

Easter is the holiday we host and this is the first year in our new house. Brett had to work but we saved him some food! We had fun getting things ready, Adelle helped me make rice krispie treats and everyone brought great food to share. I made Adelle's Easter dress from this BurdaStyle pattern but I used this collar pattern and did a zipper instead of buttons. Adrian didn't get a handmade shirt but was content with his new firetruck that makes noise. Papa Joe & Papa Phil kept glancing towards the highway looking for the real firetruck.
Brett's mom has been really sick this past month so it was great to have her here and feeling better. All in all it was a nice relaxed holiday.