Mimi G 8093 Geometric Top

I'm lucky to work in an office that is very casual. I mean, they have no problem with my gray hair! But it still requires a different wardrobe than home does, so I've been working on figuring out a work style that works for me. 
So enters Mimi G 8093. I've only recently discovered her blog and video series, I had a couple of her patterns in my stash for a while now. Her style is a little more involved than mine. My style is made up of simple silhouettes, usually focusing on the print of the fabric or texture. I love everything in this pack and I'm really looking forward to making that simple notched blazer. I have the maroon wool that would be perfect for it!
This shirt is straight out of the pack, no alterations. To be honest, not a huge fan of the fit right out of the box. Mimi G and I have very different body types, and I love how it looks on her, the white is a woven and the pink is a knit and they both look nice. Mine has too wide of shoulders, the cross-over is way too big, and I had to install a snap to keep it from showing too much. The hem is way too tight, especially considering it's a split hem. 
I do want to make this shirt again because I think that when the fit is right, it will be the perfect go-to blouse to wear under jackets and cardigans in the Fall and Winter, and perfect by itself in the summer.
Here are the alterations I plan on making:
  • Woven
    • Smaller size at shoulders and bust
    • Grade out to larger size at hips
    • pinch out length in the wrap part so it lays closer to the body
  • Knit
    • Smaller size all around
    •  pinch out length in the wrap part so it lays closer to the body
Have you made any alterations to a wrap dress or shirt? What worked best for you?

My Totally Amazing, Super Awesome Birkin Flares

I am in love, and their name is Birkin! Shout out to Baste and Gather for creating a well fitting, and flattering pattern. I was not expecting these to turn out so well. I figured that these would be a muslin, wearable at best, but I seriously love them. They are perfect for Fall!
A few edits I made, length of course. Being 5'1" I had to chop off a good amount of length. I took off 3" from the pattern and then in the end another 4". I had added a deep hem allowance to it, which was good because I wanted a nice structured stiff bell at the end so what I'll do next time is take off a total of 7" from the pattern, and then add the 2"deep hem allowance. This will save me time, and give me even more flare. I also had to take in the legs quite a bit around the thighs to the knee in order to get a good fit. That's nothing with the pattern, I've had to do that with any pants pattern, so I'll shave off 2" from the outer leg, and about 1" from the inside of the leg, nothing too hard.
The biggest change I need to make to the pattern is shortening the length of the top of the jeans. They are high waisted, but mine go past my bellybutton by a good 1" so I'll be taking some length out of the top, just an 1"or so.
All in all, I love them, and highly recommend them. My butt looks great in them, the steps are amazing and I personally love the waistband tutorial and plan to incorporate it in any pants I make from now on. It makes a perfectly clean finish. I kept my jeans pretty simple, no rivets or contrasting top stitching thread, but that's kind of my style, simple and clean. I did add one great detail, a red zip with gold teeth, It's a small detail that people won't see but it's just a little identifier that this pair is handmade.
So have you jumped on the flare jean trend yet or you sticking to your skinnies?

Hello Paisley: My Almada Robe from Seamworks Magazine

Apologies for it being so long since my last post. I've been a bit busy getting my Bachelors degree in Digital Marketing, doing an internship, and caring for 3 kids, but that doesn't mean I've stopped sewing. It's just been hard to find the time to do photos, but I will be catching you up on all my makes in the past few months, including a wonderful dress pattern I got to test, oh in March!
Let's talk about this Paisley Almada robe from Seamworks Magazine, this has to be one of my happiest makes! it hangs on our linen closet door, and whenever I catch a glimpse of it I get giddy. It looks just as beautiful on a hook as it does on! Now I am not a seductive boudoir kind of girl, I wish I was, but man it is hard to photograph a robe without making it a little pseudo-seductive.

This beauty features hong kong, bias bound seams and is made from a treated crinkly cotton I got from Hancock Fabrics before they closed; sniffle. I ironed out all the wrinkles so I would have enough fabric to make the robe, and I'm afraid that if I wash it, it'll revert back to being wrinkly.

Does anyone know if that will happen?

I used this same pattern to make a silk kimono robe for a wonderful friend for her birthday, I just lengthened it to make it floor length, and she loves it.
I love Seamworks Magazine! I currently do not hold a subscription any longer, mostly because my pattern collection is a little crazy, and I need to tone it down a bit, but I have loved working with their patterns, and highly recommend them! Even if you don't have a subscription you can read the magazine in all its informative glory.

Their patterns are supposed to be made in under 3 hours, but I have yet to hit that mark. Have you tried Seamworks Magazine? How long did it take from print-finish?

Black Satin Carolyn Pajamas



f you're an avid coffee drinker in the morning then I think we can agree that the saddest part of waking up is an empty coffee cup. It took me the better part of the first two months of 2016 and even a couple days into March to finally finish my PJ's. The shorts were done in a couple days but the shirt was a whole new world for me.
 I had never done a notched lapel before and it was a learning process, and still looks a bit wonky in real life, but I blame that partly on my learning curve and the fact that I chose black satin for my first PJ set.
I chose black satin because after spending days in sagging maternity pants and an over-sized Paypal tee that has spit up down the shoulder I was ready for something pretty and special just for me. There is something to be said about PJ's that match and how it can improve your mood.
I plan on making another pair at some point but my sewing list is a mile long right now and there are more pressing things I need, like jeans!
The Carolyn PJ pattern is from Heather at Closet Case Files, and I really love her level of instruction when explaining the notched lapel. I went the extra mile and made my own piping which is my favorite detail. If you need a new set of PJ's this is the pattern to use?

Chubby Little Baby Leggings

 It's already March, can you believe that? These past few months have been almost a blur, I can't seem to nail down my project list. There are just so many that I want to do them all. I've become obsessed with knitting lately, and if you follow me on instagram you saw my first cabling project, which was so much fun. I'm still trying to finish my Carolyn Pajamas that I started well over a month ago. I have buttons to reattach to coats, a kimono robe to make for a friend and a special project for Brett. There are not enough hours in the day and breastfeeding only allows me so many cups of coffee.
 Brett went back to work a couple weeks ago so we're slowly finding our rhythm. This little girl is starting to get on a schedule and slept the whole night last night, it was heaven.
 She loves napping in her swing, though she doesn't like when it swings, is that normal? I don't know if it's the side to side swinging that she doesn't like, but she's so content when it's not moving but as soon as it starts she gets fussy.
I made these little floral leggings for her before she was born I think I used the Go To Leggings pattern from Sewtorial. They're easy and quick to whip up which makes me want to add more to my sewing list. We've tried to stay minimal with her clothes since she is the last one and babies grow out of stuff so fast but those cute chubby legs are begging for more leggings, right?
 This past week she started to coo, and smile. That first smile is always the best, because after all the night time feedings and diaper changes and blow outs, that smile is just the fuel needed to keep on.
And I absolutely love her frowny face. She's grumpy cat incarnate. Have you been keeping up with the projects you planned or do you suffer from project tunnel vision like me?

2 Girls, 1 Room. Decorating for Two


econd to actually having the third baby, isn't figuring out sleeping arrangements really stressful? When Adrian was born we lived in a 2 bedroom house so Adrian and Adelle shared a room. We actually didn't plan on having a third when we bought our house, but plans changed, and we're glad they did.
 Since Adelle first found out that we were having a girl, she's talked non-stop about sharing a room with her. I'm glad she's excited to have a little sister, but with a 7 year age gap lets just hope the enthusiasm stays when Aria starts getting into all of Adelle's stuff.
 I'm a bit of a control freak and I like to keep the bedrooms pretty minimal with very few toys, it makes it easy to pick up, and then the kids can go nuts in the basement.
The crib that was Adelle and Adrian's was recalled so we had to trash it and get a new one. I wasn't too sad about it because I found this beautiful two toned one at Walmart and I absolutely love it! It'll work as a toddler bed too.
 The floral mural is my favorite part of this room. My wonderful friend painted it and it's better than what I could have ever imagined. Adelle helped paint the purple leaves.
I'm lucky enough to have multiple artists in my life. This castle painting was done by my Mom a couple Christmases ago. The details she puts into her art is amazing. She has all the patience I lack. This is Adelle's actual selection of books right now. She's obsessed with Egypt and Mummies, Every library trip includes at least one Mummy book, She tells me that she's doing research.
 My contribution to the artwork in the girls' room are these three prints I found on Pinterest. I'm really good at pinning and printing things, It's a gift really.
 This little table was our first Ikea project. Adelle painted it and put it together with a little help from me.
 Brett's grandpa built this changing table when we were expecting Adelle. He was the shop teacher at the High school here. This thing is no joke, it's probably the heaviest piece of furniture in the room.
Aria hasn't spent too much time in this room, She'll stay in our room for the first 6 months, but I'm looking forward to hearing little girl giggles on the other side of the door. 

Tell me, what do you think about kids sharing a room?

A Little Boy Grandpa Cardigan


ne of my biggest fails of last year was not making one article of clothing for this guy. Can you believe that? Maybe it was the pregnancy brain, Adelle constantly asking for fancy dresses or school, but this will not be the year that Adrian goes without handmades.
I love a little man in grown up looking clothes, and if that happens to be what I deem an old man cardigan all the better. This pattern is something I've had in my pattern stash for a while. I made one a long time ago when Adrian was just 3 months old for family pictures.