Floral Maxi Dress

I am a huge Pride & Prejudice fan, as in I own the deluxe special BBC edition and watch it at least every two months! Brett quotes every line right a long with me! He's a good man! And before anyone asks the Kiera Knightley version does not count! I've always loved that time period the clean and bright home decor, the long dresses and the country manners, "I think they're charming!" -Mr. Bingley
Well I figured I need to take advantage of this maxi dress trend and wear as much P&P inspired attire as I can! I've always loved florals but it's been really hard to find them in any other type of fabric than cotton, well this dry clean only fabric was just sitting at the fabric store begging me to buy it.
When I don't have an exact idea in mind for something I always buy 4 yards, enough to make a dress just incase that's what I decide. I'm so excited to wear this dress to an upcoming wedding. Really where else am I going to wear a floral print maxi? I love the shawl effect the pattern has and nice drape it gives in front. Burdastyle had this as a mini dress or a shirt but in my usual pattern alteration I lengthened it.
I think this is one of my favorite pieces I've made this year, It's as spring as you can get without weaving actual flowers into a dress. The dry clean only aspect has me a little worried though, I just hope I don't spill something on myself. White wine only for me, thank you!

Marco, Polo Tee

I am slowly but surely diving deeper into the stripe trend. I used to fear that it would make me look bulky on top as every fashion magazine warns but I think finding the right stripe width has changed my mind.
This pattern was originally a crop top, HAHA! yea no way will you ever see me in a crop top! The 90's can keep that trend!
I lengthened the pattern which seems to be my main alteration and of course took the shoulders in a bit. I also tacked down the ridiculously bulky collar, requiring two layers of interfacing! TWO LAYERS! I tried to do it with only one but the collar piece that didn't have it on stretched like nobodies business. The one thing I will say that I disliked immensely about this pattern is the front seam. I think there could have been a better way to do that front slit with facing perhaps and maybe it's just because I didn't match my stripes well.
My favorite part has to be the cuffed sleeves, Perfect length! I used my new machine's button foot for the first time. I didn't read the manual at first and regretted it when I had to rip out tiny zigzags. After I looked back I realized I was using one tool that wasn't necessary for my type of fabric and was amazed at how smoothly it went, again through 2 pieces of interfacing on the cuff! I admit that I hugged my sewing machine, She's my new best friend! I plan on writing a review on my Singer and share a little more about it later.
Will I sew this pattern again? I might.  It tends to ride up in front because the collar is so bulky which is annoying. Maybe I'll look for a super light weight interfacing for the next time. I used a soft flannel for this shirt so I mean, of course it's bulky. I think I would want to find a different way to do the front seam as well, We shall see. I did use my glue stick to help with the collar as Andrea from Four Square Walls suggested and man, there are just some tools that you never knew you needed until you try them.

Fancy Nancy Duvet Cover Tutorial

Kathleen from Grosgrain was so sweet to share my tutorial but I wanted to make sure to share it here too!
 My daughter, Adelle, is a huge Fancy Nancy fan and since moving into her own room sans brother we've been working to girl it up a bit but in a way that will grow with her. What better way to Fancy Nancy something than to trim it in a little lace! This duvet cover is so easy to make and can be done on the cheap and the options are endless with all the different types of trim out there.
What you will need:
2 flat sheets, larger than your duvet
different types of trim
weavers tape

He's 2, and It's No Joke

It's hard to believe but this kid is 2! I am so thankful for this little goof, my own little April Fooler!

My Plantain Top

If you're in the sewing blogosphere then you've probably heard dressmakers raving about Deer&Doe's Plantain Top.  Well let me confirm the ravings, It is a great pattern! I know what you're thinking, its a t-shirt pattern whats so special? Well the neckline is perfect, it fits snug so no worry of over exposing, the bust fits perfectly, not too tight nor too loose, The sleeves offer 3 different lengths, including a patch and it flows loosely around the hips. Pretty much everything I currently want in a good tee shirt! Did I mention it's easy to sew as well!
I did two different versions, because I lerve elbow patches, I even tried to steal my Brother-In-Law's Grandpa sweater 6 years back before hipster was a thing, He promised it to me if he didn't wear it within that year (still waiting on that Alan :) 
For the blue long sleeve I used none other than some jersey sheets I got on clearance at Target! yea, can't beat a ridiculous amount of yardage for only $5. P.S. if you are needing muslin and don't want to pay a ton, buy some sheets on clearance or goodwill! My elbow patch is this great vintage wood grain fabric that I've been holding onto with dear life. It's from the 70's and getting down to scraps.
My second shirt was made from this fabric which I got a great bargain on because there was a flaw in the printing. It was only on the selvage and wasn't that big of deal, $3 for some good jersey, again you can't pass it up! 
I will definitely be using this pattern again, and since it's a PDF it can just be stored on the computer, no worries if you lose it, tear it or throw it away by accident in a cleaning frenzy! I do want to look at buying more of their patterns because of how well it was made, after working with some very sketchy and confusing tutorials or pattern instructions it's nice to have a pattern maker who is easy to read. 
So make your plantain top, I promise you won't be disappointed by this awesome free pattern!

Relaxed Color Blocked Peplum

If you haven't noticed I'm a big fan of the peplum. I was inspired by Anthropologie, I mean who isn't! That store is like a tangible pinterest board! (you see what I did there?) It's made of a light poly blend fabric and the grey actually has a nice woven textured look to it. I've worn this shirt a few times before it made it to my photograph pile, It's great for under jackets or as is.
I wanted to get the points on the panels perfect and at first I was having a hard time but instagram to the rescue along with some fellow sewing enthusiasts to set me straight. I kept ending with side seams not matching up but it turned out I wasn't doing anything wrong there was just that built in of extra fabric to make it easier. That has been one thing I've come to appreciate about instagram; there is such a comradely that can't be matched when you share in each others projects.

The pattern I used was this BurdaStyle's Dress pattern. I changed the sleeves up because those cap sleeves tend to make my arms look fat. I have narrow shoulders and since sewing this shirt I've been focusing on tailoring pieces to my body instead of just following the pattern. I mean after all that is the whole point of sewing your own wardrobe, customizable right!

Floral Dress & An FBA

Florals are in, and I am happy about that. This fabric has been in my collection for a few years now. When I first bought it I pictured a dress, but for a long time I've shy-ed away from wovens because of the lack of stretch/ comfort. Let me tell you, this dress has both! I was surprised to see how much give it had after I ran the fabric through the laundry. *always pre-wash your fabric unless it's dry clean only! I used to skip this step out of impatience, but there is nothing worse than spending hours on something only to have it shrink, or worse, shred in the wash!

Now lets talk about FBA's. A Full Bust Adjustment is for any pattern user who has a bigger bust size than a B cup. Whenever I've sewn a dress I've always done the adjustments after the bodice was made and then altered the fit there, it is a pain to do it that way especially if you have no one to help/ understand what you're doing. By doing the adjustments to the pattern rather than you're fabric you're saving a ton of time, fabric and curses! And it was surprisingly a lot easier than what I expected!
Rachel from House of Pinheiro was kind enough to point me in the direction of a few great tutorials. The one that helped me the most is from Sew Mama Sew written all the way back in 2008! What made it all click was when I read:
 "The first step in determining what size to start with is to measure your upper bust. This is the area above your bust, around your body under your armpits. Use this measurement instead of your full bust measurement to determine your size. By using your upper bust measurement, you will be choosing a size that fits your frame, not your fluff."
I now have a sloper/bodice/block that fits me perfectly which means I can make any dress I want without having to buy a new pattern or make a muslin. Talk about a massive time saver!

The patterns I used to make this dress are the peplum bodice, skirt & sleeves. I added a kick pleat to the skirt for added ease. It took a week of debating on the sleeve before I settled on the 3/4 but I think it helps the with proportion. After all I am a 5'1" girl in an all floral dress.