Etsy Shop: Officially Open

I have posted my first two items on my Etsy Shop, and let me tell you I'm very excited. I love making things. I started everything ten days ago, I guess I missed the week anniversary, and I still feel ambition pumping through my veins..."like giant radioactive rubber pants, the pants command me! do not ignore my veins!" If you know that quote you are awesome!

I took today off from school so I could get the house clean for tonight, and so I could spend the day watching Adelle dance, watch a movie with Brett, walk to the library and to the mailbox with my family and just enjoy the family and home God has given me. I know I take everything I have for granted and forget about how good I actually have it. I find myself saying a lot: "when blank is done, then I'll be happy!" It's ridiculous I know, but I obsess over the future and I miss out on the now.

I'm watching Adelle dance to Baby Einstein while they sing in French. I don't speak French but I would love to learn, I like the sound of it. I also want to learn Russian!
I just love this! I love being at home, I love watching Adelle explore and learn new things, because everything is new to her. My new favorite thing to see her do is when she wants some of your food she'll come and blow on it for you. It's hilarious! I also love how supportive my husband has been over my choices. He's taught me a lot about patience, I'm still not a patient person but I'm happy I married a patient one. Well I need to get started on the brownies we're having tonight. We're gonna make sushi with friends, I've helped roll it but I've never made it. I hear the rice is the hardest but best part! Enjoy your night!


  1. Sushi making without me?!

  2. I'm sorry, don't hate me. I only enjoyed it a little bit, I Plomise!