Get Ready....

So as soon as I'm done with this:

and my bathroom looks less like this:

I'll bring you a few more, lets say, fun projects; but if you can't tell I'm trying to get a few house projects done before the heat of summer truly sets in. but in order to not let this post be a total wash let me introduce my family:

There is Adelle:

She loves her giant purple bunny;

and she likes to watch Fiddler on The Roof, at least the beginning before it gets depressing.

This is my Hubby, Brett!

It's sometimes hard to get a serious picture! I tried to take a picture of him as we're sitting here watching SYTYCD, and yes I'm a fan, PASHA FAN FOREVER; but as you can imagine after scraping and painting outside today, we're not exactly photo fantastic, you'll have to wait on that till tomorrow!

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