Get Set...

Hello again, It's 7 in the morning and since my body is used to waking up early to get ready for school I'm sitting on my couch staring out at some rainy weather. Now we all like rain but the plan for this morning was to go on a walk with my SIL, Paige and of course, Adelle, but it looks like it'll have to wait.
The more exciting reason I'm up at 7 in the morning is because I just couldn't wait to post this very post; the one you're reading right now! Since this is a craft blog and since I haven't posted any crafts I think it's about time we prepare, don't you?

A friend has made a request, Thank you MacKenzie! So tomorrow we will began our official crafting and I'll explain it all tomorrow, woot for perhaps a tutorial, maybe a giveaway, you'll have to wait and see! I can tell you it's gonna be awesome, and you won't want to miss out! If you are somewhere less rainy, enjoy. I think my day will be spent in the comfort and dryness of my living room. By the way, the bathroom is ALMOST finished; the door has it's last coat on and is drying in our garage. The last "large" project for the house that needs to be done this summer is getting the hallway painted; the people who lived here before us had three mischievous boys who not only drew on the walls, broke a few windows, but in the first week that we lived here, we discovered that the toilet wasn't working properly, guess what was lodged? any guesses? A Walkie Talkie! But, alas everything is better now, I'm not bitter!
Well enjoy your Sunday, I know I will!


  1. Can't wait to see what you make! Thanks for reading the Southern Institute! So glad to have you! And about the tie... I wish I had made it! Nope, it is from some fancy tie maker in New York.

    Hope you had fun celebrating Father's Day!

  2. Thanks so much for voting for my photo! I don't have an email address to send the pattern to, would you mind sending that to me? Thanks so much!