Okay, so we're gonna do my first Tutorial, woot! One of the easiest ways to dress up anything whether it be a t-shirt, pillow, or even a bag is an Applique. An applique can be as easy as cutting out a shape and sewing it on, or as difficult as adding details to your shape, In my case a VW Bus!
Tools You'll Need:
Your Drawing
Fabric pencil (optional)
Choice of Thread
Sewing Machine: You could always do hand sewn but I prefer the machine

From here you will want to pin your drawing to your fabric. and cut out your shape. I would recommend leaving 1/4 to a 1/2 an inch around the shape so when you attach it to your background fabric you don't lose the detail of your work.

Now this is where your optional fabric pen comes into play. if you have a water soluble pen that will show up well on your fabric go ahead and trace the details you want to put into your shape. I tried this with a white pencil and it didn't work so well for me, it was really hard to see.
Your other option is to keep your drawing pinned to your fabric and sew the details over the drawing, this works great. The only downfall to this is tearing the paper off, not only will you lose your drawing but you have to be careful not to catch your stitches and accidentally rip them out. I ended up having to go over a few of my stitches again, and it actually led me into a little different direction

I liked the disheveled look my stitches were going in so I went over my lines a few times, It looks a bit (time to use my new favorite word, Thank you Rachel from Smile & Wave for introducing it to me) WONKY; but I like it! Now you may be looking at it and questioning my sewing abilities, and I did for a moment as well, but this look will work as long as the rest of your sewing is very sharp and clean.

The next step is use your zig zag stitch and attach your shape to you background. line your zig zag stitch so that one stitch lands on the shape and the next lands on the background. make sure that when you're doing this you back stitch at the beginning and end of you're sewing. You should actually make sure you do this on all of your stitches that way your thread won't unravel. When you're back where you started and you've done your back stitch, cut your thread, Iron your new Applique and relish in the fact that you made something boring into something original!

And one bit of advice when sewing curves, if you shorten your stitch length a little it'll help you get around those tiny curves without it having a lot of sharp angles to it.

So there you have it, my FIRST tutorial, please let me know how I did, I would love feed back.


  1. Yay! How fun! Did you just put that bus on some fabric for the tutorial, or is it part of a larger project like a dress or something?...Anyways, I want to make some cute clothes for Kristina and her twins that are due in August. I'm thinking about just decorating 2 onsies with a applique and their names on the front. Can you help me with it sometime?

  2. I'm making a purse for MacKenzie so I'm sewing that on, and yes I would love to help you with an applique! what are you thinking? is she having boys or girls or both?

  3. She is having one boy and one girl, named Melody and Michael.