One Long Day

After 12 hours of being at school you can guess that I'm exhausted. There is nothing like going to school and watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover for Theory class; only at hair school, eh? Thursdays are always hard because I leave before Adelle wakes up and get home after she's in bed, not exactly the family life I want to live. I look forward to graduating, not only just to be done with school but then I can actually do what I want and be at home as much as I really want. I only have until this coming January, woot!

If you haven't gotten a chance to enter the giveaway, do so! It's worth it, and just remember to let me know you linked by leaving a comment on the Giveaway post. you can find it here. I must thank my amazing friend Jenna for the awesome pictures she took for the giveaway and here is my transition into the other pictures she took for me. Here is a better introduction to my gorgeous family:

Beautiful Adelle wearing her tutu I made her

This is my favorite picture! For our wedding we got pictures in our chucks, they turned out awesome and when my SIL, Paige and her friend Meghan got Adelle chucks it was only a matter of waiting till they fit before we took the picture. This is definitely a tradition I want to stick with! So there you go, Thank you again Jenna for all the amazing work you've done!

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