First Sale

I had my first sale on Etsy, woot! Thank you Mary. I'll be adding some more items to the shop so keep an eye out. Have you noticed I have a thing for exclamation points? I'm trying to get away from it. My favorite punctuation is the semi-colon; and I know how to use it!
So are you excited to see who the winner is tomorrow? I am. I'm going to announce it tomorrow morn, so keep an eye out for it. and keep an eye out for (drum roll please) another GIVEAWAY. You'll have to wait and see till tomorrow on what it is!
Ugg, I'm tired, but i actually have a voice today, woot. So our school is having a huge fundraiser for the Lyal McCaig's Image Recovery Center; a place for cancer patients to get wigs for free, and get their nails done and all that jazz. It was started after the owner of Capitol, Lyal, died of cancer. See that's one reason I do love my school over other schools, it's very connected to the community. Well anyway, I talked to Lyal's wife about making something for the silent auction and she said a pillow, do you have any suggestions for patterns? I'm going to be googling stuff, but I would love your input on it. If you have a picture even better, leave it in the comment area. I would greatly appreciate your advice.
Well that's it for now, I better get ready for school, yesterday my teacher asked if my hair was wet, not a good do yesterday, oops! Well happy Wednesday to everyone, and don't forget Giveaway ends tomorrow morn.

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  1. congrats! I love that rosette headband you have - so cute!