Hair Tip Tuesday: Applying product

Now I know what you're thinking, "seriously?" but this one little tip can completely change the outcome of your hair style and will be a building block for future tips and hairstyles we do.

what kind of product do you use? Mousse, Gel, Cream, Serum... there are a million different products that can do a million different things, but there's only one way to apply all of them to distribute it evenly. If you master this you're pretty much set.
Make sure your hair is damp, not too wet that your product won't stick.
Step 1: start by working whatever product you're using into your hands. This will make the product pliable.
Step 2: apply to the nape on the scalp and work your way up and out towards your ends. as you move up you can start working it through the top of your hair, through your bangs and on the sides.

By doing this you're going to get your hair completely covered and avoid ending up with a lot of product in one place and none in another.

Some of my favorite products for different styles are:
Curly Hair: Sebastian Volupt Spray Gel:
the nice thing about this is it doesn't harden up and make your hair crunchy. It smells like apples too. Another option is Paul Mitchell Round Trip: it's a hair serum, you need maybe two squirts for thick hair, and it does a good job of seperating your curls. I use both on my hair but I like the volupt spray better.

Straight Hair: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny. This is actually a leave in conditioner, so it puts protien in the hair while it smooths your hair, it tames those fly-aways and will help keep that frizz away. you can actually use it on all hair types, and you don't need much.

Volume w/ hold: I would go with the Sebastian Mousse Forte, it'll make your hair stay where it's placed
Volume w/ movement: Volupt Spray: the nice thing is that you can either spray this and let your hair air dry for your curls, or you can blow dry.

There are so many options when it comes to product, try a few out and see what you like best, if you have any questions or any tips, leave a comment, I would love some feedback! Enjoy your tuesday, it's off to school for me!


  1. LOVE THE VOLUPT SPRAY!! I have VERY thin and STRAIGHT hair...this product works great at giving my hair some body, and holding the style..

  2. awesome I'm so happy you like it! I love the smell!