Happy Anniversary to Brett and Me!

Today is Brett and my 2 yr wedding anniversary, it's crazy to think we've known each other for over 5 yrs and how much has happened. but instead of writing a long drawn out post about how undying our love is and sappy stories I figured pictures would be a better route!

This was from the first night we hung out. I knew I was in love when he sang the Little Mermaid Song verbatim!

As you can see I had a lot of fun with hair color, Thank you Rachel! The first thing Brett's sister said to me was "I like your pink hair!"

This was only my second time trick or treating, I grew up being taught it was of the devil. but yep, Pirates and Ninjas can fall in love with each other!

We had our very first date at Cougar Lanes, it's closed now, but this was the party we had for Brett's 21st/ our engagement! It was so much fun. I suck at bowling though.

You can see why he's perfect for me!

We had our wedding at Pioneers park, it was hot but beautiful! Thanks to MacKenzie for letting us borrow her VW bus, and yep those are Jones sodas, only after wards did Brett tell me he didn't like them.

The day after the wedding Brett's cousin who was our ring-bearer came up to me and said "Amber, I LOVED your cake!" then he wanted me to come and help him catch a frog, but I had to pass.

We went to the country to spend the weekend with my Sister and Brother in law at their new house. Brett brought his bow and arrows to do some target practice and teach us all how to shoot. We had a ton of fun but ended up losing one of the arrows. As you can see I'm over 8 months pregnant with Adelle!
That was also the day we got in our huge car accident and ended up spending the night in the hospital and getting a new car the following weekend. We were all okay, except for the deer. We kind of split in half.

I just wanted to post this picture because I completely forgot about, She knows that he's wrapped around her finger.

Well there you go, that made me all happy and giddy inside. To celebrate we're going to get ice cream and go to Borders. Thanks to Jenna who's watching Adelle tomorrow night. Well have an awesome Monday.