Kung Fu Who?

I'm being forced to watch this:
Usually I'm not opposed to watching a good kung fu movie but this is just redonkulous! I don't know if it's set in current day or the 1930's and there is a part where a guy gets killed at a huge festival and the dragon just dances over his body, seriously?

Well anyway, Tonight my sister came over and I cut her hair for the first time, it turned out really good, and we ended up going in search for an RV park. It was nice just to hang out and talk. We stopped to get gas and we watched intently as 3 people tried to figure out how to air up a tire. We even made up a joke.
Well I just got done watching a guy get his head bashed in, this is an awful movie!

On another completely unrelated note, look what I made!:

It's a little hat made for a s00n-to-be here little boy. I have another few things I need to finish up still before the present is complete, but I was proud of this. It's the first baby hat I've made. Very fun too. I got the pattern off of Ravelry.com. Have you ever been there? It's heaven for any crocheter or knitter out there. A ton of free patterns or you can just browse some great projects by other people. Crazy Awesome. Well unfortunately I won't have a tutorial to share but I have a few rolling around in my head. Coming this Friday I'll have a special treat for you though. It's a guest blogger! Keep an eye out. Have an awesome Wednesday night and Thursday... day!

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