In one word...

LuvintheMommyhood told me to do it! So here is a list of words, you should do it too, I'd love to get to know everyone who's here. Leave a comment or shoot me an email,!

a hat with a crochet needle and some awesome blue yarn
Cooking : well I have some hamburger I need to use up

Drinking : coffee

Reading: oh so many, but I'll concentrate on The Non-Designers Web Book

Wanting: a shiny new labtop, I concur with LuvintheMommyhood, and also a new camera

quite crazy, I need to get ready for school
Playing: Magic is the card game, Amber is the winners name!

brain power in school
Sewing: a tutorial for a blog swap

Wishing: I could stay home today and be with Brett and Adelle

Enjoying: the fact I don't have to be in the Gretna Days parade this coming Saturday

Waiting: for the coffee to brew more
Liking: the new rocking chair seat cover I made for Adelle's room

Wondering: if I'll make it through 12 hours of school today

Loving: the coolness of the morning

Hoping: that the heat wave stays away
Marvelling: at how far I've come with my self image
Needing: a good back massage

Smelling: caramel kiss coffee I picked up from a local cafe in Crete

Wearing: Brett's t-shirt

awesome blogs that I've been addicted to for over a year.
Noticing: that they are the sweetest people ever, and willing to answer my million questions!

Knowing: that I should get ready for school and I only have until February and then I'm DONE!

I hope I win the contest at school, I'd like to have a new pair of $3oo Paul Mitchell Shears for free
Bookmarking: the awesome projects I feel I may never get to
Giggling: over how crazy people are in hair school
Feeling: wishful that one day I'll get to be at home with Adelle and future babies (none yet, don't worry)

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  1. You going to hair school? I used to be a hairdresser, I started when I was 15...I miss it some day...oh, and is the book good - "The Non Designers Web Book"? It sounds interesting.

    Thanks so much for reading luvinthemommyhood - you rock and by the way, your store is adorable!