(Internet) Window Shopping

So as Adelle sleeps and I wait for the laundry to finish so I can fold yet another load, I'm taking a gander and making a list of material possessions I wouldn't mind owning. My latest obsession is looking at cameras. I NEED a better camera, well I don't need it, but I desperately want it!

Look at this little pretty:
Isn't it beautiful? It has a flip screen too! Does anyone have any advice on cameras, I'm new to the photography world, My friend Jenna has been teaching me a bit, and I've been studying pictures to figure out the angles people do.
Have you ever noticed new photographers will angle their pictures A LOT! As you may notice with my pictures, almost all of them are angled; however if you look in a magazine like Vogue everything is landscape or portrait, there is no angle about it. I thought that was interesting! (that's what I do when I have nothing to do at hair school, and I want to avoid people!)

I just realized that made me sound really unfriendly. It's not that I'm unfriendly, I just prefer my conversations to not consist of: "man last night was awesome, I'm still hammered." or sentences that only consist of the F word. It's a crazy hair world out there!

but back to my shopping list:

I really would like to get a dress form, It's hard to pin fabric to yourself.

I want this too:
The vest was what I was looking for but it doesn't hurt that it happens to be on Johnny Depp! Seriously though i love his style! I think every man should dress like Johnny Depp and Mr. Darcy.
Brett told me he wants Mr. Darcy's wardrobe and I believe firmly he would wear every part of it! I love my hubby, he's so geeky and awesome.

I personally wouldn't mind having this:
Hmm. my birthday is coming up! Perhaps one of you could convince my husband to go here and get it for me!? Well now that Brett and I have amazing new things Adelle needs something too, wouldn't you agree?

I can't imagine anything fitting better in her room than this, I love Sparkle Power. Check their stuff out it's amazing. Well now that everyone has something new and the two most awesome actors have been featured I better get back to my folding. Have a sweet summer Sunday.

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