Oh Happy Day

day three of having no voice although it might have worked in my favor today because everyone felt sorry for me! This morning I took the car in for an oil change, I packed for the occasion too:

Do you take projects with you when you know you're going to be waiting awhile? This was my first time doing so. Do you like my bow? Well anyway I took the car for the oil change and after a 45 minute wait I was ready to leave. The only thing was my car still said "Maintenance Required." I figured they didn't reset the computer so I went back and asked them in my squeaky smoker mouse voice to fix it. The manager came, apologized and took care of it and I was sent back into the waiting area for another 10 minutes. Rusty, the manager, refunded my oil change, apologized profusely and sent me on my way. Totally awesome! There is nothing like saving money when you weren't expecting it! I can tell you though Rusty has pretty much secured my coming back, not because i want a free hand out but because I know that they're going to take care of me no matter what; smart business move Rusty, smart business move!
After wards I realized I needed a crochet hook for my next project, and while I was waiting for Hobby Lobby to open I went for a walk around 2 Thrift stores. I found a fun picture at the first for .98, when I checked out it was half off, woot woot! second store I went to I found two lace curtains, vintage pillow cases and a plaque that says Home Sweet Home. The curtains and cases are in the wash or else I would show you a picture. The plaque is on my wall and looks perfect right above our engagement pictures.
On my way home i passed an antique mall called The Brass Armadillo, isn't that an awesome name? I've never been but I wanted to check it out. It was vintage heaven. I found Adelle the most adorable green and white striped dress, and I got, can you guess, one more picture of daisies. I'm still trying to find the place to put it. The dress is in the wash but when I get a chance to put it on her, believe me there will be pictures.
So Adelle is down for her second nap for the day. the dishes are drying, the wash is going and I'm watching "The Importance of Being Earnest" with Colin Firth, MMM! I don't mind Mondays any more as long as I can spend them at home!
After Adelle awakes (3 A's) we're going to go grocery shopping. We need food. Well I best prepare my list, but this is just one last reminder about the giveaway, This Thursday the winner will be announced! Make sure you have your name in! Keep your eyes open for tomorrow, I'm starting a new segment called (drum roll please) Hair Tip Tuesday!
Enjoy your monday.

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