Seat Cover Tutorial

We've had this great rocking chair in Adelle's room from the beginning and I love it. It rocks well, it's comfy the only problem, the seat cover fabric is not really to my liking; nor does it really go with Adelle's room. So this is something I've been needing/ thinking of doing for awhile, so I'll share it with you. This is definitely an easy sewing project so if you're in need of a seat cover maybe for a rocking chair, bench perhaps or your dining room chairs, hopefully this will help.

First you want to start off with freshly ironed fabric, I actually used two pillowcases I picked up from the goodwill, yay for .99 day! make sure that what you're covering will fit into your fabric. I had a picture of the pillows in the case but I deleted it plus I'm sure you understand that part!

next, from what will be left over you'll want to cut 4 ties for each pillow, make sure they're long enough for you to be able to tie, and iron them

sew the edges with a straight stitch 1/4 of an inch from the edge should do. and then trim the edge with your pinking shears. If you wanted a cleaner look you could turn your ties inside out, but I was lazy and the fabric was too thick, plus the pinking shears gave it a pretty girlie look

next pin your ties, two on top of each other, in the corner of your openings and sew the edge close. you can either do a blind stitch by hand that way you don't see your stitches, but I wanted to make sure I got the ties in good and tight that way they wouldn't rip out easily, to do this just reverse and sew over the corners where your ties are a few times.
now tie to your preferred chair and voila, you're finished!
You'll end up with a great seat cover that is comfortable and the fabric to your liking. I wanted to add a little detail to my seat cover so tied a few places using embroidery floss. this is very easy to do, start on the underside with a needle and thread, pull your thread through to the front side and back down to the bottom side leaving an inch or so between the stiches (like a button hole) than tie the ends off on the underside. It's a pretty simple way to add a little pattern to any room.
If you were wondering if this is Adelle's room, it's not. it's actually in our dining room, Adelle was asleep when I finished, and I figured waking her up so I could take pictures would be a no go. Her room is actually an apple green. Oh and that lace curtain was another .99 find at the thrift store, seriously keep your eyes open for awesome finds, it's amazing what you'll see. Well there is the tut, I told you I'd have one! Have an awesome Thursday, and I would love your input, Thanks.


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas!! The new covers look great!

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  3. Awesome! I bought my glider off Craigslist for $45 and recovered it myself. I linked back to yours too!

  4. This is such a simple great idea. Thanks for sharing!