Up to my neck in "to do lists"

yep, so I have an obsession with writing "to do" lists, most of them never get accomplished or I'll write the same list twice with a few different things here and there, but I love to write them, I do it when I'm bored; I feel like i accomplished something in doing it, even though I didn't. I should start writing "make to do list" as my first thing so I get to check at least one thing off. I have lots of things to do! I need to finish a tutorial that will be coming up on the 30th, It will be a very special day! I also have many a gifts to make for little Daniel, who's shower is this coming Saturday. I have a hat I need to finish, a vest I need to bias tape, and lets see, oh cleaning, cooking, Adelle, school, bills, and be an awesome wife. Our anniversary is coming up! 2 years. Life is hectic, but I like when a lot is going on, it isn't boring.

I have a guest giveaway coming up this Thursday and we'll announce the winner of the headband, woot woot. are you entered, if not go here and follow the rules to register. I'm also interested in asking. I announced the winner of the last giveaway but she hasn't contacted me yet, I don't have any way of getting a hold of her so I was wondering what I should do? should I wait till she claims it or if she hasn't contacted me in a certain amount of time should I pick a different winner, hmmm. MANDS if you're out there some where, YOU WON! Well enjoy the last of your weekend, I need to make a list for things to do this coming week, good night!

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