The Piano Forte

Oh, I'm so thankful to have so many artists surrounding me, whether it be in Sewing, Photography, Painting or Music it's such an inspiration to see someone excel at something so brilliant, to take pride in their work and to also understand your right-sided brain and aesthetic. That is definitely something Brett and I both want to instill in Adelle. We get so caught up in getting things done, I know I do, that we forget about the fun little things in life.
This weekend my sister Christy and I went to Czech days in Wilbur, NE. US Czech capitol. It was ridiculously hot and they didn't play much polka music but we had fun touring the old Czech museum, which we've seen a million times but still it's amazing to go into. We also enjoyed part of the parade, and some homemade root beer. I officially want to find some embroidered ribbon.

Afterward we went to Christy and Alan's house where Alan gave Adelle her first music lesson, unintentionally but we all enjoyed ourselves.
I want to bring back to period where every "Accomplished" young lady knew how to sing, play piano, paint, draw, sew and be awesome at everything. I love the idea of sitting around in a sewing circle and enjoying the companionship of other crafters. That's why I love this blog world, it's my craft circle! Well enjoy this adorable little video of Adelle, my little Pianist.

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