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There are a lot of days where I come home from school and all I want to do is crash in front of the tv, and lay on the couch like a depressed blob. When I worked at the bank I was sitting all the time, bored but with school I'm constantly moving, standing for 8-12 hours a day. It's been great for my weight but exhaustion sets in before I even walk in the door. Sometimes I need a pretty little page to lift my spirits and Where might I find those sweet little pick me ups? On the internet. Oh good ole world wide web, how could I ever survive without you.

There is a little website I visit often, I'm sure many have felt it's healing and inspiring powers. It's just a sweet little store called Anthropologie. It's flea market style at designer prices but I don't mind browsing and someday I hope to have a few great do dads.


These knobs send shivers up my spine what beautiful colors. I'm in love with coral, turquoise and yellow at this time and I wish everything in my house reflected it.


These would fit nicely into our bedroom color scheme; a room I have yet to finish. Another place i always find inspiration is Etsy. That may sound bad, I'm not trying to copy anyone but just to see the fun creations of other people always gets me behind my sewing machine.


I would love to learn to make my own shoes. they look so comfy. I've made Adelle shoes before I wonder if I just make them a bit bigger if that would work, Hmmm?


This dress is so adorable I think I would live in it!

Of course fellow bloggers always inspire me, Check out this link to see a few that have a hold on me.

My biggest inspiration is of course Adelle considering almost everything I make is for her.

Do you like her little nightgown? I made if for her out of an old shirt Aunt Hannah gave me. Thanks to Hannah for being a size S. it wasn't too hard to make. Would you like to learn to make it? I'm going to be doing a tutorial come Thursday to show you how. I used one of the most amazing inventions ever thought of, Elastic thread. It's crazy to me how many crafters know nothing about it, but it can literally save you a ton of time on so many projects.
So get your inspiration boards up, I'd love to know what inspires you.

Oh and in other news little Baby Danny Bac was born Saturday at 1:19p.m. He's adorable! Thanks for all that prayed for my friends Sydney and Joe. I'm so excited to finally have a friend who has a baby, woot! We've already got plans for mama work outs, including a little class on pole dancing. We'll see. have an awesome and restful Sunday afternoon, I intend to do the same.

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