Washing Machine... RIP

So as I was doing the weekly laundry I headed down to our bug and cob web infested basement (it's not that bad but still I wouldn't want to spend the night down there.) I got the laundry out of the dryer, MMM smells like snuggles, and then proceed to the washer. Well the washer was filled with clothes and a whole bunch of water. I turned knobs, unplugged and plugged but nothing. Thankfully we happen to have a second washer and dryer from the people who lived here before us, so Brett's Grandpa came and taught me how to siphon out water, well that was fun, and bad tasting but we successfully got the water out, got the new machine hooked up and I am now washing my first load of laundry in a different machine.
Is it weird I feel like I'm cheating on my other washer? It served me so well. Alas it had to be put to rest.

On another note I worked on sewing a winter hat for Adelle. It's an adorable pattern but silly me, I decided that I knew what I was doing and didn't read all of the directions. I always have at least one thing go wrong on a project, it's usually minor and can be fixed with a seam ripper. Well I've miss placed my seam ripper so my project sits on the couch and there it will be until I finally find my ripper or break down and buy a new one.
Keep an eye out for the Thursday, a tutorial will be coming your way. Have a good Monday night.

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