Don't Worry, Be Happy

Well hello there dear friends, I've missed you. This has been a crazy two weeks. Our router decided to stop working for no reason and we finally got it replaced. So I will be back, as soon as my computer is not dying and I have a connection. I'll be back soon with a great little sewing project for the fall. Everyone is all for the Halloween costumes but I'm more into making things that will last a while, or that I'll use more than once. We're kind of against taking Adelle out to get candy that we know we'll eat, and since Adelle has never had candy we're not going to start now on pointless sugar. Chocolate is another thing however.
It took me that long to get to: I'm going to be sharing a tutorial on how to make a nightgown for that little princess of yours from an old t-shirt. and thanks to the donations of tiny Aunt Hannah it didn't take too many alterations.
So I will be back tomorrow Afternoon with a bang (probably shouldn't say that on September 11. ) Well see you soon.

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