Hair Tip Tuesday: A Round Brush is Your New Best Friend

Whether you have short hair, long hair; want straight or bouncy hair, a Round Brush can become your best friend. A lot of people think that they are just for short hair but you'll be amazed at the finished product you get with using this instead of a paddle brush.
First there are many different types of brushes. There are metal: which heat up to help dry the hair faster, there are wood, and plastic. There are different types of bristles. Acrylic mostly but Boar Bristle is the best. Although they are outlawed for hair dressers to use on clients, these will by far give your hair the best shine.
What the Round Brush does compared to a paddle brush is while you're blow drying The RB lifts the hair away from the scalp rather then brushing it towards the scalp. It can give your hair more movement, curl volume, control, your style will last longer and it can even be used to straighten overly curly hair.

Curly hair can be hard but as long as you take small enough sections it's going to make straightening your hair a million times easier than if you just blow dry with your fingers or let it air dry and then try to straighten it. It;'ll not only save you time but damage control. The less heat you have to use on your hair the better.

So to start out use your blow dryer with the concentrator

create a small section at your nape, to get the best result keep your sections small.
For Volume in longer hair take your large round brush and push it close to the scalp and pull through to end while pushing up.
For short hair to control and create curl twirl your brush while you blow dry, but make sure you still go in small sections.
Your hair is going to fall or curl where you put it at. If you want your hair to curl back move the RB in that motion, if you want your bangs to have movement but be across your face rather than to the side pull your RB down towards your face. It's all about the angle that your put and pull your brush towards.
One of the most important things to remember with Round Brushing is it does take practice, Don't get annoyed if it doesn't work the first time, in fact try to find time just to play around and practice. I went through 2 months of freshmen class before I felt comfortable in Round Brushing, it probably won't take you too long to get the hang of it.
Another thing to remember is to pick the right brush, if you're hair is long/thick go for a bigger brush, if you have short hair and are looking for more curl then anything go for a smaller brush.
Ready to try it out? If you have any questions or comments email me, I'd love to hear or even see the results! Have an awesome Tuesday.

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