I HEART Faces Challenge

So I definitely don't claim to be a great photographer and I figure that is in part my lack of experience, practice and maybe a little bit of the equipment. Brett bought me a digital camera for my wedding gift he gave me, It's green and I love it but knowing a little bit more now then I did before about how important a good quality camera is I look forward to buying a new one. It won't be for a while, I need to start saving up those tips! Well anyway I have been voting  for people on IHeartFaces and I decided I would officially enter. The challenge was smirks. I have one great picture that my friend Rachel took so obviously I can't use it but I want to show it to you.
This is Adelle when she was 1 week old, so cute and tiny and she fit in Brett's massive hand. Adorable. and perfect for the competition. But I can't enter a friends work that would be wrong. So here is my work:
 I love my little girl and her bright eyes. If you want to be awesome and vote for me here is the link

Votes have to be in by the end of this week, I'd love to hear some feedback!