Night Night Nightgown Tutorial

This is one of the easiest refashions I've ever done and believe me it looks so darn cute. If your fabric is thick enough or not see through-white like mine is you could even use it to make an adorable easy and comfy dress.

What you'll need:
An Adult T-shirt, I used a small graphic tee my SIL passed along.
Elastic Thread
White Thread

First take a shirt or onsie that currently fits that little girl of yours, fold it in half and line it up with the Tee you folded in half.
Cut around the neckline and arms.

If the arm holes and neck line look too big don't fret, that's where the Elastic thread comes into play.
pin the arm pit sides together as well as the shoulders

Sew together with your plain ole regular thread.

Next iron your arm holes in to create a seam, fold 1/4 " and then another 1/4" to create a clean edge. Do this for the Arms and neckline.

Now comes the fun part

Wind your bobbin and only your bobbin loosely with elastic thread leaving your regular thread on top, you can find this at any fabric store in white or black, at least that's all I could find. Make sure you put plenty on.

Turn your stitch length to the shortest length this will create a clean lock stitch, just stitch a few and then turn your stitch length to the longest it goes, sew around the opening be careful to not go over your other stitches. When you meet up with the beginning turn your stitch length back down to the shortest stitch and do a few stitches, this will again lock your seam into place.

Now do another row the same way.

Do this for both arm holes, when you do the neck line repeat this 3 times.

If you're using jersey knit fabric you'll already notice the smocking; with a heavier fabric or less stretchy fabric you may have to wait till it comes out of the dryer.

Last step is to wet down your new nightgown and to really set the elastic's um... stretchiness throw it into the dryer. The dryer will expand and contract the elastic thread and make it stretchy.

There you go you have a clever little night gown made from an ole t-shirt. WOOT for recycling!

I hope you get to try it and if you do I would love to see some cute pictures! Keep an eye out for Tomorrow, Hair Tip Tuesday is back and we'll be talking about Round Brushing! Also if you have any ideas or questions feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you. Have an awesome Monday!

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