Yellow and Blue are My Two Favs

 It's stormy outside right now and yes it's 4:30 in the a.m. My body apparently got used to waking up early faster than I thought. It doesn't help that our bedroom is 3 walls of windows and any lightening is seen easily through my groggy eyelids. I'm still dealing with allergies so I'm hoping that this rain puts the pollen to rest. 

Today is the finale for Fashion Week and I couldn't be more excited, My friend also scored some sweet tickets to the Peels show, So I'll be spending the day recuperating from my nervous break down I had yesterday. Ah, yes apparently I can't  do it all. At least not this past week or without caffeine.
So I got a new part time job working at the local coffee shop in Gretna, very cute and under new owners. If you're from Gretna come give a visit. They've revamped the hours so they're actually open now! I work early in the a.m. and I love it. I've always wanted to learn how to make amazing coffee, it was definitely on my list of things so I'm excited to get the chance. And hey getting a paycheck doesn't hurt!
 Well for this early of a post I think that's pretty good. Have an awesome Saturday. 

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