Sunday Fun Day

Good Afternoon sweet friends. I've missed you all and I'm happy to say my crazy schedule is slowly calming down. I'm still working at the coffee shop and I'm still in school but the fashion show is over and graduation is a mere 12 weeks away, woot!

Would you like to see some pictures of my work for the show?? Just to let you know I designed and made both outfits, I'm very proud of them.
 This is Aubrey. She was my pin up girl and was the perfect pick! She was amazing on the runway and pulled of the poses so perfectly! This was also my first attempt at making shorts, besides making shorts for Adelle. They turned out really well. I'm quite proud!

This is Hannah! She is my SIL and was my Marie Antoinette doll. She was amazing on the runway. A ton of people said she was the best Editorial model, woot for Hannah, she was nervous! What do you think of the hair? She said it took a whole bottle of conditioner to tame her hair. This was my first dress I've made for an Adult, and I made the bracelet. This was also my first experience working with yak hair, Did you think that braid was her natural hair? I hope so! She was so amazing and I'm so thankful that I have such great girls to work with. There were a few girls I wouldn't have wanted to deal with.

So there is my "welcome home" post. I'm looking forward to Christmas, stocking are hung, we have a nice small tree lit up and we're going to be enjoying our family Christmas. Love you guys I can't wait to hear from you.

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