I recently spent a little time at Borders and I happened upon this book. I loved all of her ideas, and I plan on buying it when I buy my camera. One of the ideas that she gave was a daily family drawing time. I loved this idea. I love drawing and that is definitely something I want to pass along. I'm going to search for some cheap drawing journals and decorate them for Brett, Adelle and me. Another idea she shared was a drum wall, where they had a ton of different pots and pans hanging on a fence just waiting for someone to bang. I don't think our neighbors would really appreciate this right now, but maybe a smaller version would be good.  If you get a chance to check her out she has a blog. It's very encouraging.

Right now we're preparing everything for Brett's Grandma's funeral. All the family is in town; It's been nice spending a little time with people we haven't seen for a while.
Well Adelle is down for her afternoon nap and laundry has overtaken our bedroom, I should probably take care of it while little hands are at rest. 

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