I'm looking forward to the day when:
  • my posts will actually have pictures
  • Adelle and I can run around in the backyard
  • I can enjoy a cup of coffee from the comfort of my dinning room
  • I'll finally get to those books on my nightstand
  • Cooking will be an option
  • The sewing room will be in more use than just storage
  • I'll be able to spend more time with you guys. 
Can't wait to graduate! March 10th at 1p.m you'll have to give me a random shout out if you remember. People keep asking me where I'm going to go after school and I tell them our plan and they always kind of give me an odd side glance. Yes it may be a little weird to finish school and not use it right off the bat but we've got our plan and we feel this is the right direction to go. I feel like I've missed out on so much so I'm happy to know that'll be no more.
One of my current obsessions is pinterest.com they always have just so much random stuff to check out and it's so inspirational. too bad it's 10p.m. and I'm winding down for the night but one poster that really hit me was this one:

I know I get so caught up in my ridiculous to do list that I forget to enjoy my day. Weekend Wish is to Just Be! Hope for some sunshine and a play date with Adelle. What do you hope to enjoy in the last bits of your weekend?

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