One of the things I love about technology is that it's made for convenience. Take Netflix for example: We don't have cable but we do enjoy the ability to watch a show when we want to watch and for practically nothing. Adelle has 2 hours of tv a day, basically for our sanity. One is spent watching something in the morning usually Curious George, or Super Why, the other is in the evening as a quiet down method, and right now she's enjoying Kipper.
I don't know if it's the british accent, the piano music or the simplicity of the whole show. It's slow moving so it improves her ability to pay attention and Kipper enjoys life by doing simple things. Right now he's trying to match things that are purple. It's refreshing to watch a show that is quieter. What kind of shows do your kids watch? Do you have any recommendations?
One show I can't stand to listen to is Caillou. The kid is so whiny.

Have you read the book Nurtureshock? If you haven't I would suggest it. They did a study about educational tv vs. regular cartoons and how sometimes the edu. progams can teach kids bad habits because they spend 20 minutes developing the situation and only 10 mins. solving the problem. So by the time the show has concluded the kid is already zoned out and missed the educational part. I thought it was really interesting and it definitely had an impact on the way I parent. I loved it.

Okay done with my parent ramblings. It was just on my mind. Any recommendations or opinions on shows or tv in general?

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