Prayer Please

Yesterday Brett called me at school, I knew something was wrong because Brett was supposed to be teaching. He told me that Grandma Jan had fallen and hit her head and they didn't think she was going to make it. I ran to tell me teacher so that I could leave and I bolted out the door.
Last night Grandma Jan passed away, we're so sad right now but we know that she was a believer and that she is with Christ, She taught me how to sew, and thrift; she gave us all of our Christmas decorations, and completely altered my wedding dress and preserved it. She loved books and I think I have at least 4 of her books right now. She was such a sweet giving lady and I'm thankful to know that she's in Heaven. 
It's amazing how something like this can whiplash you back into reality, back into prayer and make you thankful to have known such an amazing woman who was a huge encouragement and involved with everything under the sun. 

If you guys could pray for us we desperately need it. Pray for Grandpa Joe who was married to Jan for 54 years. they taught together at the same high school, and loved watching basketball, and football together. 

I'm happy to know that she got to meet her first great-granddaughter. Thank you.


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  2. Sorry to hear this news. Its never easy to love someone you love so dearly. You will be in my prayers.