The Best Stew and Bread Bowls you'll ever have

I'm all for easy food that lasts a while especially stuff that heats up well in the microwave. Perfect for an easy lunch. Brett's not into sandwiches. you can find the recipe here. It not only walks you through the recipe but it even gives you pictures. Perfect if this is your first time making any sort of bread.

 We had lots of fun this morning:
Checking ourselves out in the mirror

Drawing in our new sketchbook

We even got a chance to enjoy the good weather with a trip to the library and see Grammie Winnie and Papa Phil. So how was your Thursday? Did you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine?

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  1. I miss you! I want to come hang out with you and Adelle soon. I have class next Monday morning, but after this week I'm free on Monday mornings. We should go do something fun!