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 I have officially fallen hard for Chie, the woman behind Vivat Veritas. She's a designer and soon to be mama, and I mean like really soon to be.  She's crafty like a fox and gladly shares her inspiration as well as some to dos, like this one:
by taking some elastic and a safety pin she turned this skirt into the cutest maternity dress.
 I got a chance to ask her a few questions about soon to be Sophia and what inspires her:

What are you most excited about being a mom?
 "It may sound strange but honestly I am most excited to see what the combination of my husband I will look like!  Andy is quite gorillaish and I keep envisioning my baby's cute tiny body topped with his caveman head."

What was your favorite part about being pregnant? 
"I love feeling baby move in my belly - it's such a precious feeling which I will miss for sure once the baby is out!"

Are you looking forward to making a whole new wardrobe for you and babe?
"I've already made some little girl's dresses with fabric scraps I had. You can see it posted on my blog under "pregnancy series".
I found a Japanese website where I can download a ton of free baby and kids clothes patterns, so I am sure I will be sewing with those patterns a lot.
As for myself, I'm excited to come up with new designs that are friendly to nursing moms. Perhaps wrap dresses or shirt dresses - I want to wear something comfortable but stylish at the same time as a mom:) "

Where do you get your inspiration and fabric?
"I get inspiration from street styles, fashion blogs and vintage patterns. I keep a folder named "inspiration" on my desktop of my computer, where I collect images that inspire me to make clothes.
I get fabrics mostly from Nippori fabric district here in Japan. I can spend hours on that street, wandering around, touching different fabrics and thinking about what I want to sew next. I also started using different online vendors recently. Sometimes it is easier to sit on my couch and order online when you are 9 month pregnant!"
Chie and her husband live in Japan and you can check out her blog and shop by clicking on her logo above. Isn't it amazing how the web can connect people half way around the world. One more picture that inspired me into getting into my sewing room:
First off how amazing is that dress and second how smart to have everything set up for a quick photo shoot, Brilliant! Thank you so much Chie for everything and I can't wait to see the pictures of little Sophia.

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