It's a bit late, but:
After 14 months of paying to work, perms, highlights, haircuts and waxing I am DONE! This year was a long one, difficult and sometimes overly dramatic but I have my diploma, I graduated with Honors for my high GPA and I even won a contest where I received a pair of very VERY nice shears.
I made a few good friends, a few "enemies," and stretched my worldview in a whole new way. I designed clothes for a fashion show (something I had never done!) Sold a few handmade goods, and bonded with more older ladies than my own age group.
This year taught me about my own style, to not write off a person as snobby until you've talked to them and that some of the most unlikely people will tip you well and others will give you nothing. These are just life lessons I learned. As for hair I know more than I ever thought was possible; even how to finger wave, pin curl, roller set and extensions. My eyes have been trained to see balance, rhythm and line in a style and even how to figure out how different updo's are done. I had great teachers and I'm so excited to keep going forward.
As you all know, since I've been thinking and talking about it non-stop, I'll be staying home with Adelle. I plan to have my license and keep it active, but I'm so excited to get to center my attention on Brett & Adelle, on sewing and on this page. Through these next few months you're going to see a whole lot more of me, if you'd like. I'm working on Hair Tip Tuesday and I've got quite the list for it including but not limited to: make-up, product knowledge, style tutorials and even some mama quick tips: how to be a mom without looking like it.
You'll also see a makeover to the Etsy Shop, tutorials, recipes, giveaways and a WHOLE BUNCH OF PICTURES.
I'm so excited to get to know you better, please leave comments, give advice, ask others questions and spread the word. Link up via twitter, find me on Pinterest (which is amazing) and feel free to facebook me.
Have an awesome weekend, it looks like more snow for us, enjoy the last of this winter!


  1. Hey chica! I loved your pictures on this post. Let's hang out soon, ok? I'll come down to Gretna with Josh next week either on Tue or Thursday...btw, check out my blog. I got a new design and even made my header. You'll gonna love the colors-yellow and grey! So pretty!

  2. Yay!! I remember that feeling of FINALLY getting out of school!! Well done sister!