Hair Tip Tuesday: Easy Updo

So before I started hair school the ponytail holder was my best friend. Well, I wasn't allowed to wear a ponytail in school so I became pretty creative with a few bobby pins. So whether curly or straight you can accomplish this easy look in just a few minutes. Here's the how to.

  • So start off with dry hair, whether curly or straight. 
  • Spray a liberal amount of workable hairspray, I'm all for the Aquage brand.
  • Now it's time for backcombing. For curly hair you don't need backcombing because you don't want to mess up the natural wave. 

  • Tame the backcombing down a little, now take the two sides and pin them back

  • Backcomb the ends of your hair
  • take the ends and start winding them around and pinning, make sure the pins are secure, and spray.

I always like to rake my fingers into my bangs to give it a nice feathered look and then you're done. All set to do and no ponytail worries.

It's perfect for any upcoming wedding you have to go to. So what do you think? Do you think you'll try it out?
If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy your tuesday!


  1. I failed at this hair style. I could not get it looking good when I pinned it up. I need a one-on-one tutorial. lol

  2. haha, yea with pinning it up what you need to do is take small sections of your ends and twist and pin them up where your last bobby pins are, at the occipital bone. Just keep trying and if anyone wants a 1 on 1 tutorial just let me know and I can help