Hair Tip Tuesday: False Eyelashes

So you've seen Kim Kardashian's amazing eye make-up, the pictures in the magazine promising longer lashes with the model on the page sporting ridiculously thick and amazing lashes. You buy the mascara and instead of getting what you want you get clumpy goo and build-up that irritates your eyes. Wanna know a secret? THEY'RE LYING TO YOU! In the UK they passed a regulation that mascara companies have to disclose that the models are wearing falsies. But don't get discouraged you can easily get that look for way cheaper than what it costs for a tube of mascara and I'm gonna show you exactly how to put them on! It's so easy and with a few tries you'll be able to put them on without even thinking about it.

One of the great thing about longer lashes is it makes your eyes look so much bigger, which is good news for me because I have tiny tiny eyes. You could even just wear a pair of falsies and some foundation and that's all you need to have a natural sweet look.
You can find lashes at Walmart, and Target but if you get a chance to buy a pair at a store dedicated to make-up the lashes will last longer. And the best part is you can wear these more than just once. You don't need a stupid fancy kit, you need the lashes and the glue! So here we go:

This is how I look in the morning:
Society mandates I don't leave the house looking like this or take pictures, though sometimes I do. So with hair, and make-up done lets glam me up a bit.

  • First off apply all of your make-up that you'll be wearing for the day excluding your mascara
  • Now take your lashes and fit them to your eyes, the wider part of the lash goes to the outside of your eye. If they are too long trim them from the outer edge.
  • Now that you have them customized to you it's time to apply the glue. take the the glue and do a thin line down the edge of the lashes. 
  • wait till it becomes tacky before applying to your eye and line it up where your lashes meet your skin, right where you put your eyeliner.
  • Keep your eye closed while the glue dries, it will dry clear.
  • now repeat for the other eye.
  • apply your mascara to your natural eyelashes only. If it gets a bit on the fakes it's not that big of a deal but to keep them nice you don't want to glob it on. There you go.
I used thicker lashes, but you can find thinner ones for a daily look. They work even with glasses. So try it out and be amazed at how easy it actually is.

 next week I'm gonna show you how to do this to your hair; extremely easy especially if you have curly hair.
by the way you have no idea how hard it is to take side pictures of your hair with an IPhone until you've tried it, took me a good amount of time to figure it out. Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. Very nice post. My question is, how do you remove the lashes?-Jenna

  2. Oh that's easy, just slowly peel it off from the outside to the inside. the glue isn't like nail glue where it's stuck and sucks, it wears down after a while so it's easy to get off. Also since you put it above your eyelashes and not on them you don't have to worry about it catching on your lashes.

  3. I can't wait for next Tuesday!! I'm tired of ponytails :( -Paige

  4. You can put mascara on them...just wash your eyelashes after you pull them off...just soap up your hands...lay eyelash in palm of one hand and rub with fingers of the other hand, rinse and lay on towel to dry. Two pair will last months!! Just alternate each day to make sure they get totally dry.

  5. Wow. Great tips! I've tried before but didn't let the glue set first. I believe that was my trouble! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the cleaning tip! I have two sets that need a good washing!

  7. If you put liquid eyeliner on your top eyelid will the lashes still stick?? And will they randomly fall off during the day?

  8. they should still stick, just make sure to let the glue dry thoroughly. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

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