Last night on a whim my good Friend Syd and I packed our two kids into her ford escort and drove across town to eat cupcakes! Yep that's right just cupcakes! I had never been to Jones Brother's Cupcakes before but they were good and it was a fun atmosphere. Is it bad if I admit I'm going there tomorrow afternoon with my friend Jenna?

Adelle loved her cupcake and she ate most of it. She also enjoyed stealing Danny's tiger. Danny is Syd's little boy who's 6 months old and yes Adelle and Danny have an arranged marriage! It was nice to get out with Sydney, usually we spend our Mondays together stuck at my house but now that we know we can break free I think we'll be doing a lot more of it! Adelle is in bed right now and I've got a date with my bed, good night!

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