Movie Monday with Singin in the Rain

Don Lockwood: Dignity. Always, dignity. 

For the past two weeks we've watched Mary Poppins at least once a day, not in it's entirety, Adelle will come and go for the music but I can't watch anymore at this time. I love you Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke but if your songs enter my head one more time while I'm highlighting someone's hair I might go crazy. So onto the next musical!

I remember the first time I watched Singin' in the Rain with my sister, instant love. I think a lot of people who don't watch musicals think that their boring and people just run around singing, but SITR is hilarious and witty!

Don Lockwood: What's the matter with that girl? Can't she take a gentle hint?
Cosmo Brown: Well haven't ya heard? She's irresistible. She told me so herself.

I think the life lesson we can all take from this movie is to laugh at yourself. I know I take myself way too seriously at times. I flip out if I mess up, Or I get embarrassed if I say or even spell something wrong, Seriously?? That's what I want to say to myself, seriously!

 Rod: Lina, you're a beautiful woman. Audiences think you've got a voice to match. The studio's gotta keep their stars from looking ridiculous at any cost.
Cosmo Brown: Nobody's got that much money.

If you haven't seen this movie Netflix it ASAP! have a good Monday you guys, I graduate this week, WOOT!

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  1. Yay my new computer finally allows me to leave comments! So glad we share our great taste in movies! Glad I could be a good influence in your life!