Patience is a Virtue, Right?

So it's been a long weekend for us, Brett's schedule is staying the same except for an extra 4 hours he has to work Tuesdays. I love Adelle but I'm really struggling with nap times. Once she's asleep she sleeps well it's just a matter of her falling to sleep. Now that she has her toddler bed she enjoys the fact she can get out of bed a little too much. I often go into her room with drawers pulled out, diapers everywhere, toys sprawled across the floor and Adelle running around like a crazy tired child, barbarically laughing. It's a little scary. I get frustrated easily and it usually ends with tears for both of us.
Brett told me to just let her play and check on her after 45 minutes, you know unless I hear something ridiculous going on in there, and what do you know it worked! We went from no nap to a good 3 hour nap today, So thankful for the advice.
Patience is my struggle and God has definitely been working on that for me, but I've still got a long way to go. We put potty training on hold because Adelle got sick but it's time to start back up and stick it out. Do you have any suggestions for potty training/ nap times? I could totally use the info!


  1. when my mom potty trained my brother she let him pick out a few pairs of "big kid" underwear with toy story characters on them and told him he couldn't get them dirty so he had to tell her when he needed to go. Then she completely devoted the weekend to potty training. She kept him pumped full of water and took all sweets/candy/snacks away and once every hour they would go in the bathroom and he would sit and they would read books until he went. Then she made a big deal and he got like an mm or something for a reward. As the weekend went on she lengthened the time between when they would sit there together and by Sunday he was telling her when he had to go, or just using his potty by himself. It's also a good motivator to be like, oh won't so-and-so be proud when he hears you went potty all by yourself?!

  2. Thank you, that totally helps! I've heard a lot of people recommend m&ms.