Too Grandmaish?

Sometimes I worry I have too much of a grandma style! So yay or nay on the table cloth? It was Brett's grandmas; I love the texture. Should I find another place to put it instead? Opinions please!!


  1. Your style is not Grandmaish it's VINTAGE! ---Christy

  2. The table cloth is cute. I worry about little ones not being able to set glasses down securely on the bobbled texture.

  3. It is vintage like your first commentor said! but...I do agree with laceandsteam...could be tough for anyone actually to set a glass on and not run the risk of it tipping over.
    I think it might be better off on a round end or lamp table. :)
    Plus my table clother always end up in the washer frequently, would washing it that often cause it to wear out and fall apart? linens are things that i want to be able to hand down to my daughters, don't get me wrong I think you should still use it! just maybe not where it is going to have to be washed so much.

    Blessings and Hugs,