We had a long night last night, Adelle woke up throwing up. Parents look forward to milestones but I don't think the first vomit is one of them. I think she has the stomach flu which I learned has nothing to do with Influenza; thank you WebMD app. We're taking it easy, finding foods that can help settle her stomach and watching a whole lot of tv. Poor Brett had to sleep on the couch, while Adelle and I settled down and watched Mary Poppins.
In other news as I was cleaning the kitchen I knocked my coffee pot off the counter and needless to say I'm coffee-less this morning. Be amazed I can even write. Brett told me it was Karma, I don't know what I did, I think it's God telling me two things, wait on potty training and no more coffee. We'll we're going to enjoy an episode of SuperWhy. Have a good Monday


  1. Poor girl. I don't look forward to Ruby getting sick like that :( Hope she's on the mend.

    I love your photos you take! How do you get them to look so old. I just love it!

  2. Thank you. The Program is called Instagram it's on my Iphone. Amazing app! It's fun just to play around with and since it's the only camera I have right now it's my go to.