Weekend Finds

This last Friday a friend and I went to The Brass Armadillo, an antique store right off  the interstate. A great place to check out some good stuff, a lot of random stuff and some over priced stuff. It took a few hours but I found a few good things.
I've been on the search for a fisher price record player for a few months now so I was excited to score one, it even has all the discs. Adelle's favorite one is the red. I also found a sweet thermos for just a few bucks, a nice yellow table cloth to brighten up our dining room this spring. A sweet kids khaki umbrella for only $2.50 in perfect condition and last but not least a nice wooden crate to house Adelle's books and toys in the living room.

As some suggested I took the white table clothe off my dining table and put it on a side table, it works much better now and I don't have to worry about something spilling on it and getting ruined.
Oh and the search for some plain wellies for Adelle is over:
nice plain black rain boots and only $10 at Walmart. So glad I held out. The only ones I could find either had hello kitty, frogs, flowers, cheetah spots or polka dots on them. I just wanted plain. I had to go 2 sizes up so she could get her feet in but she puts them on by herself and wears them all day everyday so far. 
Well that was the thrifting I did this week, My sister is coming up tomorrow and we have plans involving New Life Thrift. How did you spend your weekend, any adventures?

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  1. What great vintage finds! I just adore the record player, I think I'd play with it all the time! The thermos is very cute, too.