Drawing Board

So I'm sticking to patterns for clothing but I've had this idea turning in my head and I've got it down on paper. One thing I love to do is try to figure out how to make something, What pattern pieced are needed, measurements, sewing techniques, as well as accessories and hardware to add. I'm currently working on a purse with a detachable camera cushion. I don't necessarily want a camera bag but I'd like to be able to put my camera in my bag and head out the door without worrying about a pen scratching it up or it getting banged around.
Do you ever go into a store and try to dissect a project, or figure out how they did that stitching? It's my obsession and there is no where better to do that than at Anthropologie. Even if you don't have the store close to you, head to their website, Get some inspiration and start a doodle book.

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