Dress Up

Check out these adorable dresses that my friend Judy sent me! Judy is the mother of one of my oldest friends and is as sweet at can be, she's also one of the best thrifters I know! Judy works at a consignment shop in Lincoln doing display work, I actually think a lot of our furniture came from her shop.
Adelle is really into dresses right now. This is a flower girl dress that my sister scored at a garage sale, she wore it for two days straight and wanted it on before her shoes, and Adelle LOVES shoes! I actually had to hide it for a little bit so that she would wear normal clothes outside. Christy also found the shoes that she's wearing, they're 3 sizes too big but she'll grow into them.
Have you been on any thrifting adventures as of late? I want to go, my wallet doesn't though.

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