Finding Friday: Ogling lovelies

I have to admit this week has got me beat. Sickness, Doctors, and one little project that didn't turn out so good has left me scouring through other peoples projects on Pinterest (best website ever) If you need an add in just send me an email and I'll invite! The blog for this little beauty is in another language, so no luck on a tutorial but I think I'm going to keep my eye out for one because it's just too beautiful to pass up! Crocheting is not just for grannies or cat ladies anymore, and I'm thankful for that because it is probably one of the most calming mediums to work with. If you're a knitter or crocheter check out It's a website completely dedicated to patterns ,some free some cheap, for us mod crocheters/knitters.

I recently inherited some beautiful knitting needles from Grandma Jan, I haven't learned yet but it's on my list! Any Knitting neighbors out there? Shoot me an email, looking for a teacher! Have an awesome weekend. Adelle and I have a few crafts up our sleeves, that is if we feel up to it!

You can translate the blog from Dutch! You amaze me Blogger!



  1. I learned how to knit from the yarn shop here in town. I loved it. Very friendly and flexable.

  2. wow sweet, what's the name of it?