Hair Tip Tuesday: Diagonal French braid

So as you may have noticed braids are totally in right now. I'm so happy that fashion is leaning towards the hippie era! SIL Paige helped me with the long hair part since I chopped mine off. This is something you can do with both long or short hair, So here we go.
Start your french braid on the opposite side you want your braid to end on.
french braid by adding loose sections 
going at an angle that aims past the nape of your neck so the braid lays nicely against your neck
A Very simple and easy hairstyle. The nice thing about it is if you have a lot of layers in your hair it contains them all. This looks great with curly hair too! Try it out! Have an awesome Tuesday. Oh and tomorrow will be the 100th post!!! So come back tomorrow for a giveaway!


  1. love braids! I love to back comb the hair and then the braid has a ton of texture!!

  2. totally agree! I did huge hair and a yak fishtail braid for my runway show, it turned out awesome!