Weekend Warriors: Happy Easter

Apologies for the lack of posts we've been trying to get better than relapsing. Getting everything ready for Easter has really tuckered us out and we are now enjoying Anastasia in bed. It's nice to have a break from Toy Story. I hope your Easter was fun, did your kids enjoy the Easter Egg hunts. Adelle was the only child in attendance so it works out well for her, no competition!
She enjoyed the egg hunt, in fact she had me set it up again in our room and than in hers. It was fun just to see how her mind worked to figure out where I hid them. After each find she'd shout "there's that egg!"
 Adelle's first barbie; her shoes kept falling off and as you may know Adelle loves shoes. The verdict was to gorilla glue those suckers on!

Adelle and Grammie are best friends. The only one missing from this pack is Heidi, the dog!
Easter was a ton of fun but we're definitely paying for it with stuffy noses, sore throats and tired eyes Hopefully we'll be better soon so I can get to that giveaway I've baited you with. How was your Easter?

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