Weekend Warriors

The house is starting to look better, everything is at least in the vicinity of where it belongs, which is a mass improvement. Adelle and I had a great weekend together, We played outside, in the amazing weather,

got a few chores/projects done and enjoyed a little movie night on Saturday. I think it'll become a tradition. Unfortunately we spent Sunday being sick!
The graduation party was a ton of fun, the food was really good and I got my camera this weekend! Look at that resolution! Now we're watching Veggie tales Easter story.
One of the projects that I finished this weekend was an item that will be going into the Willow Would Etsy Shop, still working on getting everything going, and for the most part, After this week we should be up and running again, it's just a matter of cleaning, photo shoot and a few tweaks to the shop, but I'm excited that I can call this my work!
I've talked to two people who have tried last week's Hair Tip but had a hard time when it came to the back, so rather than pictures Hair Tip will become a video feature. If you have any interest in being a model and live close to the Omaha metro area send me an email. I'd greatly appreciate the help! 


  1. Aww poor Adelle =(
    At least she has her sock hands to make her feel better lol ~Paige

  2. Poor kiddo she looks miserable! At least she has her socks to bring her comfort! The next time I am up there you can use me as a model of how to do someone's hair who has an extremely sensitive head! Love the pics!--Christy