Weekend Warriors

Our family schedule is so different from other families, with Brett working weekends It's just Adelle and I in the house. Thankfully Brett's family all live on the block,and I'm not exaggerating. Friday I went with Jenna to a book study/ small craft project at the house that she works at, it was a ton of fun to be around a group of women for a few hours. We talked about "5 love languages and I found out mine, great book if you get a chance to read it. I also got to do a quick tutorial with them on how to make little knotted baby hats.
These little beanies will be sent to a charity called Hats for Haiti to help newborns stay warm in the night.
We had a family birthday party for Papa Joe and Sunday Adelle and I went to church in Lincoln which was such a blessing. The sermon was great; a real eye opener. If you'd like to download the podcast follow the Berean Link, I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Adelle went to the nursery for the 2nd time and did a million times better. She was happy the entire service, thank goodness for that because I definitely needed this one. It was a baby dedication service and it was a good reminder of my job as a parent, If I teach Adelle anything I want to teach her about Christ. It was also a reminder that it takes a community to raise a kid. Learning social interaction, moral obligation, positive communication and so much more is learned through fellowship.
Since school ended I've had somewhat of a hard time getting into the groove of things, but I'm slowly getting there. I wrote my first pattern, you can find it in my Etsy shop, and I'm currently working on my third project of the day. My friend Sydney and I took our kids thrifting and scored a few goodies. After wards we went on a picnic. Look how cute Danny is in his hat. Adelle insisted on wearing her new sandals before we could even get them off the shelf and I had to fight her to get them off for bed; they're hiding in Brett's backpack.
Well I'm going to finish off my chai tea and get my stuff finished. Have a good night.

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