4th of July Ready

I know it's a little less than 2 months away but I found this red and cream stripped fabric in my new stash and once a project is in my head it's hard to avoid thinking about it. I used the sun suit pattern and made a few adjustments in length for Adelle's ridiculously long torso. I plan on making a little 2 toned blue pin with curled ribbon to look like a firework and add the blue to the American theme. I'm also considering making a simple skirt for me out of this, because hello Mama needs to look good too!
It's still in need of some buttons and button holes but I should probably wait until Adelle is awake and I can measure perfectly. This is the second time I've used this pattern and i can definitely say that my work time was cut down by a good amount, the craftsmanship is better too. Well my next pattern for the week is going to be a me pattern, I have a few tunics/sundresses I'm in need of. I love sewing for Adelle but there really is nothing like sewing something for yourself and wearing it. there is definitely a pride to be able to claim "I made it!" What project have you been working on? Any new technique you've learned? I'd love the share.

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  1. Will you teach me how to make a skirt?