Getting your Child to read more

One of the things I knew I wanted to instill in Adelle from birth was reading. English was my favorite subject in school and Brett has always been a crazy reader. I've been obsessed with Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters for over 10 years now and there really is nothing like getting completely taken over by a real book. 
I unfortunately love tv as well. Thankfully we're poor/busy enough to not pay for cable so there is less selection when it comes down to it, but even then, when you're in a rush to get things done, it seems so easy, turn it on and continual entertainment and before you know it, your kid has spent the day glazed over. I've learned a few things with Adelle and how to curb my own tv habit.
  • set a limit, "experts" say that children under 3 shouldn't even watch tv. However those dishes needing to be done from 2 days ago suggest otherwise. For Adelle we do 1 show. whether that be a movie, hour show, or a 1/2 hour. Personally I think if you can get your child to sit through a slower paced movie then you're lengthening their attention span. Adelle loves watching Mary Poppins and although there is a ton going on, it goes at a continual pace rather than bouncing around like so many shows on tv. 
  • stick to the limit, this is made easier by Netflix, when the shows over, it's done. It doesn't continue into the next episode, or a different show, it's done, it gives a sense of completion and kids can go on and enjoy other activities.
  • Enjoy other activities, Although I'm not a big outdoor person, We get out of the house at least once a day, We go on walks, and lucky for us our library is right down the block.
  • If you aren't so lucky to live next to the library I have found that the Goodwill is amazing on prices for kid books, toys, what have you, usually running anywhere from $.39-99 cents. 
  • Let your kid learn how to play, He/She doesn't need constant entertainment, teach them to become creative by letting them entertain themselves.
    • this is a lesson I'm learning, I'm always so worried that Adelle is gonna get hurt that I don't let her out of my site, but she can play in her room without me, We've taken the safety precautions. Our home is safe. 
I've really been trying to work on my own tv obsession, and hopefully it gets easier now that its summer, and season shows are ending. It sucks to see what episode you're on and think, 73? I have wasted almost 73 hours of my life watching a show that gives me no purpose, think of how many skills I could have learned, how many projects I could have finished, and yes sometimes the brain needs to go on auto pilot for a while, and there are some amazing shows to get wrapped into but I don't want to miss out because I'd rather watch tv.
What do you think? do you have any suggestions for curbing a tv habit, or activities for kids?

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