Inspire Friday

For those of you who have never been to Grosgrain, you NEED to check it out. Kathleen is doing a whole month of free patterns/tutorials and my project box is officially overflowing. There are so many quick and easy projects offered, I can't wait for nap time!

So Adelle has been walking around with this blanket wrapped around her waist, she pretends it's her ball gown and dances all around in it. Well I think my project for this weekend will be to make her one of these:

you can find the tutorial at No Big Dill. She has a million and one great tutorials for kids, home and women. I can't wait to start on this. I think I'll do a summery version and with her permission I'll share the tutorial.

Another thing I want to make for Adelle is one of these:

Again you can find these little beauties at No Big Dill. I really can't wait to work on this project, Adelle is going to love her dress up dress. Do your kids do dress up? are there any items you'd recommend definitely including in the dress trunk?

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