My brain is like a fluorescent bulb

It flickers and buzzes for a while before it finally clicks!
I admit this week is ridiculous. There is/has been something to do everyday. hair, meetings, projects and my youngest SIL graduates high school this Sunday. So needless to say it's been a little crazy around here.
The pattern I chose for this week is a simple tunic dress; Even though it says it's easy, I don't think it's all that simple! there is a part that I am struggling with and it just so happens to be the V part of the neckline. After I figure this part out there will be no stopping me but it's definitely challenging. SO I take a deep breath and say "this is something I need to learn!"  I chose a vintage (from the stash) blue and cream polka dot cotton to work with, I think it'll be fun and I really look forward to seeing this turn out, there are no buttons or zippers, so it's just a matter of learning to manipulate the fabric.
This project will probably take me into next week but I'm giving myself a date of next Friday. In other news I'm getting all the paperwork in for my cosmetology license test, so it's a matter of studying, testing and paying a ridiculous amount of money, and I'll be done. Wish me some patience while working on juggling all of these projects.

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